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Kingshott school...anyone got kids there?

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mummyjules8 Thu 02-Feb-17 22:17:40

Hi There,

We are moving to Hitchin, in July. Looking to send our kids to Kingshott school. Seemed lovely when we went around at the open day. Just wondering if anyone has kids there at the moment. Are you happy with it. I know from previous mumsnet threads there have been some changes in the last year or so?

Thank you!

saltygirl Thu 09-Feb-17 13:00:40

Hi, I have 2 sons in kingshott prep. They have been there from the start and love it there. They are very happy and up and raring to go to school every single day. We are totally happy with the school. Our boys are both academic and sporty. Yes there have been tough times for the school over the last year, but it's onwards and upwards with the new head. Hope this helps

mummyjules8 Fri 10-Feb-17 09:50:20

Thanks saltygirl.
That's good to know. Boys had a taster day on Wednesday and we all really loved it...I just get a good feeling about it. Hoping to hear back today and if all goes well we will be there in September. Eek just got to find somewhere to live now!!!

saltygirl Sat 11-Feb-17 09:45:10

Great. I hope they will be very happy there!

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