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Hoe Bridge, Woking

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NancySpero Wed 01-Feb-17 11:09:44

Hi, we are looking to put our 3 DCs into Hoe Bridge. We visited it and loved the school but have a slight concern that it might be very boy heavy for our DD. She has 2 brothers and is a bit of a tomboy but we don't want her to feel lost amongst all the boys.

We also have a worry about moving the kids from state to private, that they will feel overwhelmed and behind - did anyone else encounter problems doing this?

Also we now need to find a house before September. Chobham or Pirbright were our top choices but now I'm wondering if it's a crazy drive in rush hour. Does anyone have any opinions on traffic around Woking and where best to look? We are considering renting for a while.

Any Hoe Bridge parents?

unfortunateevents Wed 01-Feb-17 13:37:52

Can't comment on HB as don't have children there. Know several people who do and are all happy but, thinking about it, they are all boys! Traffic in the mornings can be awful around Woking (even without the major roadworks currently underway - although major roadworks seem to come round with depressing regularity). Think Pirbright or Chobham are an unnecessary faff through several traffic hotspots if you are not already living there. Particularly if you can rent for a bit, what about West Byfleet/Woodham or Horsell? What are your other considerations - commuting to London/proximity to motorway/green space?

NancySpero Wed 01-Feb-17 15:29:32

Hi unfortunate thanks for replying.
We would like to be near woking for commuting to London by train but want a village/countryside location, not suburbs. We basically drew a 3mile circle around Woking and visited all the villages and liked Chobham and Pirbright the best, but then we started looking at schools and sods law prefer the one on the opposite side of Woking! I hear what you are saying about traffic though, it could be a nightmare. We know Horsell and like it although it seems daft living there and not sending kids to St andrews. Don't know west byfleet so well so will add to list.

GU24Mum Thu 02-Feb-17 10:25:18

The traffic in Woking is about to be dreadful as they are relaying the one-way system AND building a new school on the A320. I'll pm you........

unfortunateevents Thu 02-Feb-17 10:34:59

Oh yes, had forgotten the new secondary school which is right by the roundabout in Mayford which you would need to get past in order to get to HB, that's before you even get into the slow-moving morning traffic in Old Woking. I appreciate the desire for village living, I think lots of us would like that, but if you have a London commute as well, neither Pirbright or Chobham have a train station so you will need a car to get to a train station too. Honestly, if you have the option of renting for a while, I would go with something in Woking or surrounds and use the time to explore other areas and see how the commute to school/work goes, where the children's friends live, what activities you find and where, etc.

unfortunateevents Thu 02-Feb-17 10:35:20

Forgot to ask, do you have a budget in mind for buying?

NancySpero Thu 02-Feb-17 12:51:14

I didn't know about the new school, thanks for the heads up.

Yes, the plan is that DH would drive to station (or walk to Brookwood from Pirbright if feasible) and I would take kids to school.

Chobham was definitely our no.1 choice but now we are thinking perhaps that's daft, hence considering renting. But I really don't love the suburban feel of south Woking (no offence to anyone who lives there, it's just not what we're looking for). Buying budget would be c.1.4m.

NancySpero Thu 02-Feb-17 12:51:45

Thanks GU24 mum, I will PM you

SuperSheepdog Thu 02-Feb-17 20:04:25

I've heard good things about HB. What about Ripley or Pyrford? Both are lovely, Pyrford has the advantage of (mostly) being walking distance to West Byfleet station, also very easy to get to HB.

NancySpero Thu 02-Feb-17 21:21:30

Thanks SuperSheepdog, I need to look at Ripley and Pyrford properly as we've just zoomed through them. Although we did check out the beer at The Anchor at Pyrford Lock grin Also need to check out West Byfleet trains.

Good to hear you've heard good things about HB. We loved it.

WhatIfWhatIf Sun 05-Feb-17 01:11:21

It may well have changed in the last 6 or 7 years but I did not find Hoe Bridge a happy place when I had experience of it. Please ask around and do plenty of research about any school before you make your decision...

DebbieFiderer Tue 07-Feb-17 18:21:24

I know people with children at Hoe Bridge and they are happy with it (possibly jot so happy about the sinkhole on the road outside!). In terms of houses what about Send? I think it is a bit more village-y than some if the other areas that have been suggested and it is on the right side of Woking.

ginmummy101 Thu 09-Feb-17 22:48:13

Hi there,

I have a boy at HB in the Pre Prep and his sister will be joining this Sept. It is a lovely school and the Heads are super. I don't know the circumstances that whatifwhatif's problems mentioned above but i can honestly say that it is a lovely happy place now with great staff and great kids.

Don't be worried about joining from the State system. The teachers will recognise any issues and will seek to assist your children in getting up to speed. I know Mum's of kids in the Prep and the teachers and Head are very supportive of the wide range of abilities of the kids.

The lack of girls doesn't bother me and apparently there are loads joining nursery and reception this year and next. Of the 4 girls in my son's class none of the Mum's are worried about the lack of girls. All the kids play together and they love all the parties. I really wouldn't worry, but i understand that you might.

Traffic at the moment is hideous but it will improve. I know people on the Chobham side of town that send their kids to Ripley Court so everything is achievable if you can handle a bit of stress. I work in London so I live in Hook Heath. No actual village centre but St JOhn's is just down the road which is lovely so consider both. The best route to the school is then down Hook Heath road and down Mount Hermon road. If you leave early enough and do breakfast club at 7.45 you miss all the traffic. Then it is a quick bolt up to the station for the train. 7 mins to school, 5 mins to throw the boy in and 7 mins to standing on the platform - Easy!

We looked at Greenfields, but there were no green fields(!), it was a nice school although not for us. St Andrews was nice too. I think they are all good really but we did like HB and the staff and the environment. I like the Head of Pre Prep Mrs Renfrew very much and the kids are the centre of everything that they do as you would expect. A very professionally run school that i would have no hesitation in recommending.

Let me know if you want any further info.

Arianrhod Fri 10-Feb-17 15:09:08

OP I live on the Knaphill side of the outskirts of Chobham, and it is a lovely little village. I was faced with the choice between Hoe Bridge and Hall Grove to put my 2 year old twin boys into; the distance is much the same from my house, but the traffic getting across Woking to HB, for me, is appalling, so the journey to HG is marginally easier. I have a DD in Halstead In Woking; several of her classmates have brothers in HB and they are apparently very happy there.

Personally I preferred HG over HB, for a number of reasons that I won't bore anyone with, but mostly with the sense that the HG leaders were open to change and to listening to parents, where I didn't get that feeling from HB - and I've just been proven right, in that I requested HG consider having termly intakes from age 3 (currently they, along with HB and I believe St Andrews too, only take in Sept at rising 4s; Halstead, by comparison, have a termly intake for pre-school, which meant my DD was able to start aged 3, whereas my boys would have been almost 4 before they could start), and while HB refused flatly to even consider the notion, HG said they would consider it and have in fact just contacted me to say they have decided to go ahead with termly pre-school intake, necessitating in a staffing increase, along with other changes. My point is simply that HG were prepared to listen to parents and are open to change, where that wasn't what I experienced with HB. YMMV, and good luck whatever you choose!

helenwilson Fri 10-Feb-17 21:49:31

i regularly drive from Pirbright to Guildford (son at George Abbot) and the route that takes you through there is not too bad at all. There's a cut through either by Worplesdon station or you can go from Fox Corner up Berry Lane through to Old Woking that way - you don't go near Guildford, or Woking centre and there are a couple of options. I always get stuck much closer to Guildford (through Jacobswell). Pirbright is lovely and walking distance from Brookwood (or drive to Worplesdon).

NancySpero Wed 15-Mar-17 10:35:39

A belated thanks to those who replied since my last post. I took the children to visit HB yesterday and they loved it (as did I). It seems a happy school and there were loads of girls in the nursery classes so that worry is gone. Just waiting for a place for the eldest now.

Then there's the little problem of finding somewhere to live! We are now thinking of renting for a year before we commit. The traffic didn't seem too bad yesterday, even with the woking roadworks and temp traffic lights in West Byfleet so I think there are a few possibilities. I still favour Pirbright or Chobham and the head mentioned there are quite a few HB families in Horsell so that's back on the list along with Hook Heath and Pyrford.

Keen to get moving now!

Arianrhod Wed 15-Mar-17 11:26:01

OP I know of several families who live in Horsell with sons in HB, so definitely doable. Good luck with your search!

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