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What would you like donated for your primary breakfast club / wet play

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TCforTopCat Tue 31-Jan-17 11:29:19


I am looking to donate some toys/games/crafts for the breakfast club, wet play at the primary school my dd attends.

I want to spend around GBP 50.

Do you have any good ideas I could use?

BackforGood Tue 31-Jan-17 23:01:16

I think you really need to ask them.
Each of us can tell you what our dcs enjoyed, but it's going to depend on the amount of time they spend there (some open from 7.30. others not until 8.15 for example - makes a lot of difference to playing time around eating time); on the age range of the dc ; on the space they have for the activity ; on the space they have for storage ; mostly on what they already have plenty of ; but also if they are saving, or waiting until they have the budget to buy something in particular.

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