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Over subscrbed primary school - too early to worry?

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kitkat321 Sat 28-Jan-17 20:02:01

My dd has just turned 2 so I may be a bit premature here but time always runs away from you so better to be prepared.

We moved into a new village just before she was born - the village us undergoing significant development with over 2000 new homes planned over then next 10 years.

By all accounts, the local primary school is already bursting at the seams and the new school isn't due until after my dd would start school.

Current school has a capacity of around 540 - it's very old and needs refurbushed so unless something is done will be even worse in 2 1/2 years time.

Last year, there were over 100 new primary 1 pupils - twice what was in the predictions.

If that were to carry on for the next 2 years enrollment the school could be very close to capacity by the time my dd is due to start - there is already talk of portacabins being used in future.

The parents whose children are currently at the school - particularly those in the higher years say that they feel that their kids missed out on certain activities this year due to the influx of pupils (although I have no further details of that).

I really don't want my daughter's education to suffer due to poor planning by our local council - there is a private school nearby (although not on our doorstep) which has a good reputation but would cost us aroun £10k per year - hence why I'd like to start thinking about this now so that if we need to start saving we can start sooner rather than later.

My DH's view is that "it's only Primary school" - the secondry school she will go to is much bigger, very new so no concern there.

Am I worried over nothing?

3boys3dogshelp Sat 28-Jan-17 20:16:28

No I think you're right to worry. Presumably from the mention of P1 you are in Scotland so all children in catchment are entitled to a place at the school?
If I was you I would try to save hard now to give yourselves the option of private, far better to plan for it and not need it than to decide you want to go private and not have the funds. Our school is in a fast growing village, sadly it's definitely not as good since numbers went up as there are just too many children for the facilities available.

smellyboot Sun 29-Jan-17 01:13:38

I wouldnt panic but would go on a fact finding mission...

ExplodedCloud Sun 29-Jan-17 01:22:27

You're right to worry. What does DH think will happen in Secondary years to fix this?
This government has prevented Councils opening new schools to meet demand so don't blame the council. The demand is supposed to be met by schools expanding or new free schools. Massive housing need in the SE is being superficially addressed but the infrastructure isn't even keeping up with that.

Runningbutnotscared Sun 29-Jan-17 23:14:05

Exploded free schools don't exist in Scotland, it's a bit different here. The OP has said that the local high is big enough to cope with the increased intake, so it's just primary she has to worry about.
kitkat I can see why you would be worried, you want the best school experience for your dc, or at least a journey through primary that does not put them off leaning.
Personally I think education is really different in England, with the 11+ and grammar schools, the primary school education really matters and private education is a huge benefit.
i agreed with your dh that in Scotland primary education just needs to get them to secondary without really hurting their enjoyment of learning.

If you are considering privately educating I would think secondary education is more important than primary.

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