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6 year old thinks no one in school likes her

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Faz2015 Wed 25-Jan-17 16:59:39

So my dd has been trying to make new friends as her current best friends have left her and formed other friendships... she has been trying for the last few weeks to go and make new friends by asking other girls to join in their play... they all say no as they already have formed friendships...

I know it's a play ground thing... but what made me sad was when she said... I'm beginning to think no one likes me... that's why no one wants to play with me...

She has also said that she wants change schools... up until now she has never said that...

My dd is asd so i don't know if it's her social skills or is this very common and I'm panicking😟😟😟😟

MarzipanPiggy Wed 25-Jan-17 17:07:11

Oh poor sausage. My DD is only in reception but I've told her that if she wants to join in playing with a group of children but doesn't know how, to ask an adult to help her. I think it was a 'starting school' tip I read here on Mumsnet.

There's also a friendship bench they can sit on which encourages other children to come and play with them. Does the school have anything like that?

Faz2015 Wed 25-Jan-17 17:16:49

Hi I think they might have a friendship bench.. as she didn't really have much friendship issues before she had two best friends from reception and they have now formed their own group with other children without her... she also rarely gets any invites to parties and very few came to hers from class..
I just don't know how to explain to a 6 year that there is nothing wrong with her..

mummytime Wed 25-Jan-17 17:38:20

Have you spoken to her teacher? Social skills and friendships are a very important part of a teachers job (at this age at least).
Can the school run social skills sessions, can people watch out for her in the playground?
Does she have interests and chances to meet people outside of school?

CripsSandwiches Wed 25-Jan-17 20:31:20

I agree with mummy time. Sounds like she could do with some help in building friendships and the teacher should be able to work with you on this. I would set up a meeting to discuss it.

MercuryRising Wed 25-Jan-17 21:10:21

Aww Faz you have my sympathy I have just had a similar conversation with my 8 year old dd. I have encouraged her to seek out new friends as it is one girl in particular who refuses to let her play. It is heartbreaking isn't it? Fingers crossed they both find new friends soon.

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