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Just found out there will be no parents' evening or school report this term............

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yorkshirelass79 Sun 25-Feb-07 10:14:25

Message withdrawn

Ali5 Sun 25-Feb-07 13:11:32

Understand how you must feel. I can tell you that as a teacher, when this happens in a school the staff feel as bad about the situation as you do, it's far from ideal. Be assured that many things are constant for your DD - the lessons, the assemblies, her surroundings etc. It's also good for children to get used to different teachers and their styles, in a way it prepares them for secondary school. I'm sure the school are doing all they can to settle things down but having taught in schools where this happens it shouldn't affect your DD's education. I'd guess she's feeling a bit unsettled but just keep an eye on her and if she seems unhappy, get in contact with the school. You're right to be concerned but don't worry - she'll be fine.

yorkshirelass79 Sun 25-Feb-07 14:25:09

Message withdrawn

KathG Sun 25-Feb-07 20:18:46

Do you feel as if she is in the right groups? I found that because my DD in Y1 was on supply teacher(s) they wouldn't move any groups around - although it was clear to me and the TA that she was in too high a reading group, and it wasn't doing her any good. Once the teacher came back she shifted down a group, and we are now building up her confidence again.

lemonysnickett Sun 25-Feb-07 21:11:59

My daughter has been in a similar position as regards teachers. Since the beginning of academic year she has had many teachers in one week. sometimes 3 in one day! Now we find haer teacher is to be off sick for 2 months during which time we will have a trainee teacher. We have raised our concerns about continuity with the head to no avail. We have recommended the school employ a floating teacher but she says the budget doesnt allow it. We have now taken this up with the governors and are awaiting a date for a meeting. I think it is important to have continuity for the children. We are talking about a year 2 class. We have had some terrible supply has called a child an idiot. A regards the children getting used to different teachers at this age in prep for high school...i'm sorry but the emotional maturity of years 2 and 3 cannot be compared with that of children at high school. I hope all this does not sound too negative but when it is your child in the is hard to accept. I know ilness cannot be helped but it is upto the head to employ someone for the whole period.

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