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DD being hit at school

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Sparklesandglitter Tue 24-Jan-17 20:28:17

My DD has recently started school and most days comes home saying that she has been hit, had clothes pulled, stabbed with a pencil, etc. There seem to be two children involved and I am not really sure how to handle it.
She can be overly dramatic but has a very strong sense of right and wrong but I can honestly say that she has never been violent to other children. She has been at nursery all her life with no issues ever.
I requested a phone call with her teacher over a week ago but haven't heard anything so have told the school I will take time of work to see the teacher this week as I want it dealing with. Due to wrap around care I don't do drop offs or pick ups.
Am I being unreasonable to expect contact back? How do I handle this without being OTT? I know that kids will be kids but I am not at all happy with my child being repeatedly hit (although will accept that there are two sides to the story which is another reason I wanted the teacher to call). TIA

ginswinger Tue 24-Jan-17 20:35:13

You are not being unreasonable to expect a call back but bear in mind, messages get mislaid and this could be the case. Just request another call back. When you do, be calm and stick to the facts. Ask the teacher what she plans to do about it (as opposed to tell her what you want done) and perhaps ask for a follow up in a week's time.

Sparklesandglitter Tue 24-Jan-17 20:39:00

I have emailed twice about a call and had a message of the receptionist that it had been passed on both times, that's why I have decided to go in to school, and thanks

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