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Cherylmarklew1982 Sun 22-Jan-17 22:42:47

My 3 year old son in i nursery over the last week has change , the teacher said he has been fighting of which is totally out of character , he is not saint he like a bit of roughy and tumble but on Friday I astablishes the fighting that been happening is with 6 year old boys as there share the play ground. The advise I need is in relation to last Friday I was told he would not get in to line and he got out and in the process struck some one , well if naughty then it needs dealing with , but later that evening my 5 year old daughter told me the teaching assistant pulled my son by his hood all the way to the naughty wall , and she said he was being kicked by these older boys when it happen . I can not help thinking that it's a personal thing , my son attends a speach therapy and I do not think they are allowing him time to explain if she did this what do I do , I am going in tomorrow to get them to check the cctv to see if this is the case thank you for reading

Cherylmarklew1982 Sun 22-Jan-17 22:44:20

Sorry I mean the Friday just gone , I have hardly slept all weekend waiting for tomorrow to come

BackforGood Sun 22-Jan-17 23:00:18

I certainly would go in and ask what happened.
I'm sorry, but I'm a bit confused by what youve written.... being kicked whilst a TA led him away by his hood?

I'm also very surprised that Nursery children are in a playground at the same time as children that much older. I'd ask how they were supported out there, as obviously their play and development stages are so different.
Definitely go in calmy though and asking questions rather than bandying about accusations - youll get a much better response.

Cherylmarklew1982 Sun 22-Jan-17 23:14:55

Hi thank you for responding well when I picked him up on Friday I wasn't told he was taken to the naughty wall I only discovered this from my daughter later that day , but she said he was being kicked by year 1 boys then suddenly he was took by his hood of his coat and taken to the wall so I feel the issue is he was defending him self . But o don't feel she should of used his hood my daughter said he was crying lots . In there school nursery and reception are mixed classes and year 1 share the play ground with them , I am going to go in Very calm and find out why I was not told this but shawly that's not appropriate behaviour from the staff x

Cherylmarklew1982 Sun 22-Jan-17 23:19:57

From speaking to my son the older children have been engaging with him in what they call roughy play and it's changed his behaviour although the should not be joining in , it started last Wednesday and the teacher said all was fine till he goes out for break , I think they used the work bully but last month he got pupil of the month and there was no issues .

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