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A game...continue the story , must contain a line from a song...

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Dowser Sun 22-Jan-17 11:13:53

She was trapped in a loveless marriage. You know the sort. A proper dogsbody, no love, no affection, no respect, no sex worth speaking of apart from the two minutes hump in the hay once a month on a Sunday morning, regular as clockwork that just sucked all the joy out of life.
The last straw came when a couple of hours later he dumped some veg on the kitchen work top and a load of meat into her arms and said
' oh by the way, my mum and dad are coming for lunch, with my sisters , husbands and kids! See you then. I'm off to the pub!'

First, she saw pink, then fuschia, crimson, scarlet...then a deep, deep blood red!

She slapped his chops ( onto the table) , whipped off her pinny, and headed through the front door singing

' there's only one way of life and that's my own, that's my own, that's my own!


( levellers one way)

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