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4+ London schools - what to expect?

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SoberSusan Wed 18-Jan-17 16:48:16

Sorry if this has already been covered here - I just can't find it.

DS has 4+ imminently for two London schools (applying to start in Y1). We have moved 200 miles from London for 2 years to look after a family member, and have no idea what standard London schools will expect. DS's nursery here is very relaxed and focused on play and there is very little number /letter work.

At one school's open day "threading beads" was mentioned, but a London friend has said that her 4 year old DS knows all his phonics and can write and recognise numbers to 50, and this will be expected.

I'm wondering whether it is even worth the trip to London to attend.

RoccoW14 Wed 18-Jan-17 17:07:30

According to my daughter, who did a 4+ assessment recently in west London, there was a story followed by questions to a group, some individual activities including counting and writing her name, drawing a picture.. I'm not sure exactly what the teachers were looking for, whether it was the ability to complete all tasks or how each child approached them. Regardless, I won't find out for a few weeks if she was successful.

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