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Moving school in Reception year - any advice on how to discuss with DD?

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TheShortestGiraffe Wed 18-Jan-17 16:04:36

I'm looking for some advice about how to discuss this with my DD who isn't yet 5, and when to do so. We have just found out that we have been allocated a place at the school we want (we moved house some time ago and have been waiting for a place) but haven't told DD yet - it's a 5 school day turnaround, so we don't have long. She's very settled and happy at the existing school, but we needed to move to nearer school for travel and a younger sibling starting school later. Anyone done this? How did you phrase it? Anything you wished you'd said or not said?
Really sad as we love the current school, but the move is necessary.

BrownieQueen75 Wed 18-Jan-17 18:46:18

We moved DS for similar reasons about three weeks into Y1 (having already moved him in Reception because we moved to the other side of London).

Basically we explained that we understood he was sad about leaving his friends but we could still see them for play dates (which we did stick to for a while) but that it would be so much nicer for everyone if he was at a school five minutes walk away, instead of a 45 minute journey on two buses (or, more often, walking uphill with a buggy because we couldn't get on the buses). He settled quickly in the new school and made friends - he's now Y5 and it was definitely the right decision. He can walk home on his own, plus catchment is tiny so friends all live locally. Our neighbours moved their eldest in Y3 (from same school) and they feel the benefits of being close like we do.

Good luck - it is sad leaving a school you love but it will be for the best.

TheShortestGiraffe Wed 18-Jan-17 19:43:18

Thanks brownie queen, feeling nervous, but sure it's the right thing. Glad all worked well for yousmile

Mamabear12 Wed 18-Jan-17 20:32:47

We just transferred our daughter. She was happy in the school and I felt a little bad/sad as I always do when she left childcare, nursery etc in the past...but always she does well and happy whoever she goes. And this transfer was to a French school..but she was fine (we don't speak french at home, but have been trying to learn and teach her at the same time). She settled in well and likes the school. I am much happier with this school as it is a better school and half the distance! And for me the biggest plus is she will learn French! Kids learn to adapt. They might be sad a little bit, but they will make new friends. Its part of life.

TwentyChews Wed 18-Jan-17 21:11:08

If you can take him for a "tour" before hand - so he gets to see the building/classroom etc.

BUt as PP said we moved DCs for very similar reasons. DS was in reception. We mentioned it a few days before (though they knew it may happen at some point - was just a waiting list game like you).

They both adapted very, very easily. Settled in and now Yr4 & Yr6 and barely think back to their previous school.

Promise and deliver a few playdates with old friends - but leave it a good couple of weeks before the first one. Gradually taper them off.

Good luck - though it will be fine.

TheShortestGiraffe Thu 19-Jan-17 08:58:34

Thanks all, telling her tonight, so fingers crossed!!

Mamabear12 Thu 19-Jan-17 11:26:11

Also, forgot to mention that if you make it sound fun, exciting etc kids usually follow your lead. I started with "Guess what! You got in XX! " and had a big smile, so of course she got a big smile and straight away got excited about it. She told her teacher and was excited about it. I guess it also helped she had friends in the new school as well. She left some friends in the old school, but we all live in same area so can invite them to bday parties and play dates etc. I think if you present the idea all scared and nervous, the kids will feel it. But if you present it like a new and exciting opportunity they will get excited. My daughter settled in well straight away and is doing well. Its been two weeks now and all is well smile Good luck!

smellyboot Thu 19-Jan-17 23:36:09

Lots did it to get into our school in both my DC years. I know 6 who stared in yrR and yr1. All children settled again very quickly - days not weeks. Don't worry too much.

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