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Maths app help

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Gileswithachainsaw Tue 17-Jan-17 16:08:05

Cab anyone recommend an app that will help my dd improve her maths a bit. Something reasonably fun which will actually increase her math skills at the same time.

There is a school based game called sum dog but she hates it so looking fir an alternative


LieInRequired Tue 17-Jan-17 16:11:38

With my DD I use Math Bingo and Times Table Mountain. I also tried Hit the Button but she did not like this much (it felt like too much pressure to answer quickly).

onemouseplace Tue 17-Jan-17 16:11:46

How old is she? My DD (7) and DS (5) both adore Pet Bingo. They have to answer sums (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division - easy to hard) from the given answers on a bingo board, and when they get a line, they either get a pet they can name or food to feed the pet.

Pigeonpost Tue 17-Jan-17 16:12:16

Doodle Maths works well for my son (aged 8)

Gazelda Tue 17-Jan-17 16:14:12

DD uses Doodlemaths too. It assesses her current knowledge, then gradually introduces new subjects. She gets rewarded with coins she can spend on her doodle pet.

Gileswithachainsaw Tue 17-Jan-17 16:18:36

She's 10 would that be too old for doodle maths?

I like the sound of it

Gazelda Tue 17-Jan-17 17:40:58

I don't think 10 is too old. It's aimed at 7-11, but I'm pretty sure they also do one for 12+.

Gileswithachainsaw Tue 17-Jan-17 17:47:13

I have downloaded both thank yousmile

I've only got the free trial part though will she be able to access enough without the full 3.99 app?

witchface Thu 19-Jan-17 10:22:44

we like king of maths

umizoomi Thu 19-Jan-17 10:24:42

We used Sumdog at our school but then Sumdog changed the structure and it's rubbish.

We now use Mathletics but I don't know if this is available as a stand- alone thing.

Hit the button is good for rapid-fire mental maths

katiehigham Mon 13-Feb-17 21:33:49

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