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Moving catchments, sept 2017 starter

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boatdancer Mon 16-Jan-17 18:28:47

So my DS is due to start school in September, application deadline has passed. I have applied for the local schools, but, our home life isn't great and we have every intention of moving as soon as we can. We might end up in a different catchment or a different area all together. I just wondered if anyone else had experienced a move like this and what I can expect. Will I have to apply late to the schools in our new catchment and hope for the best?
Will it just be too big a PITA and we should make sure to stay local? Ultimately we need to move somewhere less rural, so would be moving to the local town or city in the next few years anyway. I'm all in a muddle about our best bet. I would prefer not to mess DS around any more toys I have to.
Thanks for any advice!

helenwilson Mon 16-Jan-17 21:34:42

Hi, sorry your home life is unsettled, the last thing you probably need is stress about schools. You've done the right thing to apply as normal, if you do move before your child starts school then you can put in a late application for a local school in your new area but bear in mind that if the school has already offered all it's places, you will have to join the waiting list in the category you fall in according to the admissions criteria. If the school has places then it's less problematic. You will inevitably have less chance of getting into the best schools although if you are high up the waiting list then there is often movement, the later you move, the less likely you are of getting in by Sep. In our area you can only apply for a school in your new area once you have an address (so exchange of contracts or signed tenancy agreement). Obviously it would be a shame to stay where you are now and then move in the first term, and then move again to a town later on, that would be two moves, but saying that, most children are adaptable and our school has some military children who move frequently. Some areas do allow you to update your application between now and offer day, so if that applies to you then you could move asap. I think you should let your home situation drive your relocation decisions and not the availability of school places, your child is young and adaptable, security at home is better than school choices at this age in my view.

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