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princesscc Fri 23-Feb-07 10:20:15

This time next week...... The suspense is killing me! Someone I know has been asked by her dd to wait til she gets home from school so they can opening the envelope together. She has told me 'sod that! I'll steam it open and she'll never know!' Is is me or is that just outrageous

Hallgerda Fri 23-Feb-07 16:42:14

It would be more honest of your acquaintance just to tell her daughter that the letter will be addressed to parents, so she (the mother) is going to open the letter.

I opened DS1's letters last year - I didn't even give him the option of waiting until he got in. Btw, it's quite possible that more than one letter with the vital information will be landing on the mat in the same post (I had one from my local authority, one from the first preference school and one from the second preference school that all told me, one way or another, which school he would be going to). Your friend could open the local authority letter and allow her daughter to open the one from the school - no steaming necessary

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