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how behind is my year 1 DS?

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Laura0806 Fri 13-Jan-17 10:05:19

My summer born DS has just started a new school due to moving house. He has been there a few weeks but has started to cry and say he doesn't want to go. He says he can't do anything that the others can do. I haven't spoken to the teacher yet as he really has just started but I know he is in the lowest ability groupings for maths, writing and reading as it is quite obviously from the list of what each group is doing. Now if he is, he is, but he wasn't in his previous school and this new school is not at all high achieving (according to their last 2 years of SATs). His older brother is dyslexic, so maybe he is too( very strange neither me or DH or older sister are). He does struggle with writing. He can spell some words but often forgets finger spacing-has little interest in it and will only write 2 sentences at most so behind in that. however, his phonics were good in his old school-and he is reading on blue level books. His maths is ok-he can add in his head and takeaway sums like 11+2, 9-3 and count in 10's. He does often write his numbers back to front and some letters (I know can be a sign of dyslexia but also he is left handed and still only 5). He clearly is a long way behind a lot of his class, but would he be a long way behind in every school? I'm normally quite relaxed about this kind of thing-he's only 5 but it is the fact he is getting stressed!

bojorojo Fri 13-Jan-17 10:24:35

I am not a teacher, but in the circumstances, I woud ask the teacher for an overview of the curriculum for this term. Then you will know what he is expected to do. As he has only been there a short time, I am surprised he is so aware of what the other children are doing. He may, of course, be judging himself against very bright children who have a greatly enhanced educational experience at home.

SATS results vary from year to year. Who was in Y6 last year bears no relationship to who is in Y1 right now. You do not know if his year group is full of Oxbridge bound children! Also, if the school's results were not that good, they may need to improve and are putting a lot of effort into early years. I am also very surprised that the class is grouped in such a way that it is obvious who the bottom group is. From what you describe - a long way behind - this seems an over the top statement to me.

I am sure others will shed more light - but he is only 5.

Ginmummy1 Fri 13-Jan-17 10:38:33

I agree with Bohorojo that it might happen to be an exceptionally bright year (or his friends happen to be the ones that are ‘ahead’ or the ahead ones are the loud ones). I’m not a teacher but his maths sounds fine and the letter formation issues don’t feel to be unusual for that age either. If ‘blue’ level books correspond with the blue band on this site his reading level appears to be within normal boundaries as well.

He may ‘only’ have been there a few weeks, but if he’s at all upset I’d be asking for a chat with the teacher, to find out his/her perception of how your DS is settling in, and where he is at academically.

As for the transparency of class groupings, we seem to have this in Y1 in DD’s school and it makes me uncomfortable to hear how DD knows the ability order of tables etc. Very old-fashioned.

Laura0806 Fri 13-Jan-17 11:11:58

Thank you. I will ask. Yes I am surprised he knows-he never said anything about it at his previous school.

Autumnsky Fri 13-Jan-17 11:19:41

Well, dosen't sound behind at all. However, if he is unhappy about it, then I would do some extra practice at home. At this stage, only 10 minutes for math a day would make a huge difference.

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