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Advice please - For mums in Harrow/Pinner areas

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Superhumannot Tue 10-Jan-17 14:02:18


We are thinking of moving home as my daughter will be starting school in a couple of years...we have not decided if she will be attending state or private, so we are keeping options open. Are there mums here who send theirs to Habs or NCLS from Pinner/Northwood/Eastcote, will it be too much hassle, as both parents commute into London? I know the coach covers but not sure of how many parents actually make use from this early age? My second question was on state schools. If for example, Cannon Lane is not nearest in terms of distance but within the catchment area, could I still end up being allocated the nearest school in terms of distance? Also are there Ofsted outstanding schools with a bigger catchment, West Lodge and Newton have very small catchments. Finally we are aiming for outstanding state primary schools as well as being in walking distance to stations, are properties very hard to come by?!

Many thanks in advance!

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