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MK: Is Royal Latin a feeder school for Priory Rise?

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2gr8kids Sat 07-Jan-17 13:44:25

Hi, my family lives in Milton Keynes and are considering relocating to a location that's within catchment of a grammar school.
Royal Latin is the only grammar school in MK.
I know a few parents' whose kids go to private secondary schools in Bedford.

JellyWitch Sat 07-Jan-17 18:13:00

Royal Latin is in Bucks, not MK.

bojorojo Sat 07-Jan-17 18:31:24

Umm. This is wired. The Royal Latin School is in Buckingham, Bucks. It is not in MK. It is not a feeder for anything and no primary school is a feeder to RLS. Entry is gained by 11 plus exam, administered by Bucks CC. I suggest you do a bit more research - and improve your geography!

bojorojo Sat 07-Jan-17 18:45:07

weird - not wired!

golfbuggy Sat 07-Jan-17 18:47:26

There are no grammar schools in MK. Some areas of MK are however close enough to get into Bucks grammar schools. Suggest you check admission info for Royal Latin to see how far DC are typically admitted from, and where you will need to live. Bear in mind that if you don't live in Bucks you are reliant on getting in on distance, which of course varies by year and how other DC have done!! So living anywhere in MK is a risk.

2gr8kids Sun 08-Jan-17 17:16:24

Thanks for the clarification @JellyWitch.

2gr8kids Sun 08-Jan-17 17:25:19

@ bojorojo what's weird about my query? I met someone that resides in Tattenhoe who recommended an 'outstanding' primary school there and also that the area is catchment for RL. So I'm simply asking myself how best to position ourselves for secondary school (in addition to 11+exam).
I'm fully aware of the 11+ exams; and a few pupils of parents I know have sat for it and scored highly.
Thanks for the geography tip 😉

2gr8kids Sun 08-Jan-17 17:27:45

Many thanks golf buggy. I'm seriously pondering location as there are 3 grammar schools in Aylesbury and RL in Bucks....MK is a tricky place...

CookieDoughKid Sun 08-Jan-17 18:02:13

You'll have a lot more info and traffic on the 11+ website. HTH.

CookieDoughKid Sun 08-Jan-17 18:03:39

In your situation if you are serious about grammar then I would move to be near your preferred grammar as the allocation distances are reducing and no guarantee of getting in from MK. Check the alternatives incase your dd or ds doesn't get into grammar!!

JellyWitch Sun 08-Jan-17 18:12:36

If you want a grammar then get in catchment.

CheekyNandosChicken Thu 12-Jan-17 00:37:42

Priory Rise is in MK and is a primary school.

Royal Latin is a primary school about an hour away and in Bucks.

Children have gone from PR to RL and other Bucks grammars.

CheekyNandosChicken Thu 12-Jan-17 00:41:22

PR is a feeder school for Hazeley Academy and living in a Tattenhoe isn't a guarantee for a PR place since it got an OFSTED outstanding rating and Tattenhoe Park development has been built. There's houses being built in Kingsmead too. Children in Tattenhoe typically attend Giles Brook.

bojorojo Thu 12-Jan-17 11:29:13

It is wierd in that you asked if a grammar school in Bucks is a feeder school for Priory Rise - a primary school in Milton Keynes. That is not a sensible question. What you really mean is: can I live in MK and still get into a Bucks Grammar School?

The answer is possibly. However, The RLS works on children taking the Bucks 11 plus and getting a score at 121 or higher. This exam is taken very early in Y6. You would have to make arrangements for your child to take the exams if you do not live in Bucks. All children in Bucks are entered for the exams unless they withdraw. If you gain a place, you would pay for transport from a non catchment location.

Totternhoe is in Milton Keynes - it is not in Bucks and it is not in the catchment area for the Royal Latin School. There is no question of any primary school being a feeder for RLS. The only way to get in is to get the required score in the 11 plus. RLS allocate places based on catchment (as priority 2) and Totternhoe is not in catchment. It is not in Bucks. However, RLS allocates places to all qualifying children living in its catchment area and, most recenlty up to a distance of 8.9 miles. Catchment children are priority 2 and non catchment children measured by distance from the school are priority 6. Not living in catchment may be ok, but it is a gamble.

Exactly the same applies to Aylesbury Grammar School, Aylesbury High School and the Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School also in Aylesbury.

Therefore, decide if you want to be in catchment for one of these schools and move over the border into Bucks to be certain. Or measure the distance from RLS where you want to live in Totternhoe ,and see if, most years, you would get in. If Buckingham and the surrounding towns/villages expand, places from outside catchment will get squeezed as they are a low priority.

2gr8kids Wed 15-Feb-17 19:32:30

Many thanks @ bojorojo

2gr8kids Wed 15-Feb-17 19:34:37

Many thanks @ CookieDoughKid, JellyWitch & CheekyNandosChicken

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