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Twins/Primary Education/Cricklewood

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Eesha Wed 04-Jan-17 19:54:05


Sorry for the brain dump....I have just had twins and crazily thinking about whether to stay on the cusp of Cricklewood where there only 'seems' to be poor performing schools or moving out. Can anyone advise on good schools in the area if they are local and know more than me? I have done a bit of research and dont seem to be getting anywhere. We dont actually live too far from Golders Green which is near the catchment area for some good schools but looking at the last distances offered, we are still almost 1KM out. Im just thinking whether to now look at moving just to get myself a better chance, and the added complication of there being twins is worrying me more as in will schools turn me down because there are two to consider....?

RueDeWakening Wed 04-Jan-17 21:00:27

Schools won't turn you down because you have twins - assuming your thinking of state schools, there's an option on the application form to indicate you're applying for multiples.

In addition, the way it works at the moment is that if your twin 1 is the final child admitted to a school, twin 2 is automatically allocated the same school (even though it's technically full) as an excepted pupil.

Re moving, I can't say (am in S London) - but the date you need to be in a property for the purpose of on-time school applications is the middle of the January before they are due to start - which if they're a few weeks old, means mid January 2021.

WashAway Thu 05-Jan-17 20:05:48

I lived happily in Cricklewood without kids for many years without kids. We moved within six months of having first child. St. Agnes looked lovely and had a good reputation at the time. Just need to be Catholic to have best chance to get in!

I know it seems crazy, but you are smart to be thinking of it now. School admissions process is crazy in London and you have plenty of time to move and position yourself somewhere long term. Much better to sort it out before the application process.

Eesha Fri 06-Jan-17 11:53:33

Thanks Rue, Washaway, where did you end up moving to? I did wonder if these catholic schools do take non catholics but i think youd be right at the bottom of the ladder. I know Brent Cross is being redeveloped significantly and will have three new schools but who knows when and whether this will make a big difference.

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