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I need help please with selecting the right Primary school - Wembley Park area.

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Ofsubstance Wed 04-Jan-17 17:43:17

I've read Ofsted reports till blue in the face. Looked at the performances and I am still struggling with making decisions.

I'm in the Wembley Park Catchment area. The closest primary school to me is Ark Academy. It is outstanding but I never hear anything good about this school. Does anyone have any good experience with Ark Academy please?

I also like Oakington Manor - outstanding too - though Ofsted says the kids ahead don't get challenged enough

Preston Manor park - I know people speak well of it, but it never seems to pass the good grade. Also not too keen on it now since people have fears of radicalisation there. Which is the reason I haven't bothered with Chalkhill primary school. Same worries have been associated with this school too. The other better ones are quite far.

I'm open to being corrected but they are not made up but things I have read or heard.

I have good recommendations on Wembley High Technology and Wakeham Pry but I'm under 'few' in their catchment area so I doubt I'll have much luck there.

I'm also curious about one thing. Do I have a better chance if I put as first choice a school I'm outside the catchment and the school I'm in the catchment area my last choice or would I be shooting myself in my foot this way?

I need to submit this application next week. I've done a bit of researching but now confused about what order they should be in. Really don't want to be moving my little one around.

I've shortlisted to these but not too sure on order now:

Wembley High Technology

Wakeham Pry

Oakington Manor

Ark Academy

Mount Stewart

Preston Manor

Byron Court

I'm tempted to just go by the nearest and save myself the hassle of travelling but don't know if that would be too careless.

Any input appreciated.


KohINoorPencil Wed 04-Jan-17 18:07:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ofsubstance Wed 04-Jan-17 22:33:12


Straight to the point smile Thanks for that. I'll leave the catchment areas then as the 'bankers' maybe.

I do regret not visiting the schools and relying on just reports. With the nursery I visited all of them, one even three times.

I'll try and book in appointments tomorrow.

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