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Lottieloves Wed 04-Jan-17 16:58:43

Having a issue with my ds school. He is 5 and in year one, just found out that last term he has been marked late 4 times in the register. When I queried it with school, it appears even though I escort him to class Door before the bell.... that when the register is taken at 8.55 he is in the cloakroom (so it seems) putting his coat away.. so they mark him late. When I asked about how long the register Is kept open for they said it's not.

Surely this isn't right?

BizzyFizzy Wed 04-Jan-17 17:00:50

There are two classifications of late - before registration ends and after registration ends. If he's not in the sight of his teacher at the exact time, he's late.

BeanAnTi Wed 04-Jan-17 17:23:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

catkind Wed 04-Jan-17 18:57:25

So you deliver him to an external classroom door, he goes through classroom and out into cloakroom and back again? Sounds like you have now learned that he needs to be there earlier in order to be back in the classroom by register. Do you think he's dawdling, or is it that you didn't know they needed time to go to the cloakroom?

admission Wed 04-Jan-17 21:16:31

It is a case of your son needing to be in the classroom at the time the register is taken. If that is 0855 then he really needs to be there before that time.
I would however ask just exactly how many other pupils in the class have been put down as late. Because if it is happening to your son, then surely it is also happening to other pupils as well. That suggests that there might be a bit of a safeguarding issue here if the class teacher does not know where the pupils are but they have been previously been delivered to the classroom door. Alternatively if it is only your son who has been marked down late, then you need to be asking the question what is going on - why is son in the cloakroom and seemingly not hurrying to get into class?

jamdonut Wed 04-Jan-17 22:54:58

At the school I work in, children should be in class at 8:55. Doors open 8:45, Registration is at 9:00.
If they are not in the classroom then, ( or the teacher hasn't previously seen them, i.e. they've gone to change a reading book or asked to go to the toilet) then they are late.

jamdonut Wed 04-Jan-17 22:59:07

I should add, playground gates are locked at 9 am, so anyone arriving after this has to go in via the office, where they are marked late on the computer.

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