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Leapfrog leap start

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cockadoodledoooo Wed 28-Dec-16 00:49:54

Hi all,

My dd is in reception and struggling to grasp letter recognition and blending. We are considering a leap start as a way of getting her to practice at home (something she is not a fan of!).

Has anyone anyone got/used a leap start? Or any other tips to get her motivated?


mrz Wed 28-Dec-16 06:21:30

Avoid like the plague!

irvineoneohone Wed 28-Dec-16 07:59:37

Mrz, so what should OP do to help her dd?
Just telling her to avoid it isn't very helpful, when she is asking for other tips as well, and I know you can give her great advice!

mrz Wed 28-Dec-16 09:09:45

I'm afraid my advice is that many APPs and electronic toys are produced in the US and don't match UK teaching methods even discounting poor (incorrect) articulation of the sounds so best avoided. Even some U.K. Products seem to be have produced more for entertainment by people who don't know much about phonics.
Personally I favour the Sounds Write app but it's only available for iPads (won't work on iPhones) but even then it's important for an adult to work with the child.
I know Jolly Phonics have produced an APP but I've not used it.
Without knowing the child I'd start by checking if they are able to blend and segment words aurally before worrying about written. If you say k a t can the child hear cat and if you say fish can the child say f i sh for example (stick to 3 sound words)

Tomorrowillbeachicken Wed 28-Dec-16 13:46:26

The teach your monster to read app is very good. We also got the RWI sound one set from Amazon and put the letters together in three letter ones when my DS started reading.

MiaowTheCat Thu 29-Dec-16 20:32:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cockadoodledoooo Fri 30-Dec-16 01:47:19

Thanks everyone!

My dd has no patience so will give leap products a miss! Monster z d jolly phonics here she comes!

Tomorrowillbeachicken Fri 30-Dec-16 16:22:34

Also oxford owl has some of the oxford tree books on their website that are free to read

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