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East Dulwich primary schools

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rungichungi Mon 26-Dec-16 21:21:06

Help! Needing some advice for the January deadline. We live near Heber, Goodrich and the new Harris. Does anyone have any insights?

I really liked the new Harris but it's only been open for a couple of years and it's on a main road. Is more results driven but seems a more exciting curriculum. Heber is literally a couple of minutes walk but a bit shambolic and gets pretty average results. It's obviously a very caring cosy school though.

Probably over thinking it all but there are massive pluses/ minuses for both. Anyone with any thoughts?

(Also posted questions on the east dulwich forum but think people might be a bit more honest here!)

Bitlost Tue 27-Dec-16 16:50:20

All three are fine. Goodrich is doing really well these days, Heber seems to be in a bit of a transition period awaiting new leadership (a few years ago it was THE school to get into) and Harris is Harris with the power of a big chain behind them. I'd go for Goodrich personally: staff are kind, not shouty, standards are high, school is always improving and it's nicely tucked away.

ChrisED Wed 11-Oct-17 21:37:58


Hi rungichungi, which school did you go with in the end and are you happy with the choice? I'm in similar circumstances this year

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