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Hackney schools - William Patten, Betty Layward, Gayhurst,London Fields Primary

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PeacheyPie Wed 21-Dec-16 12:40:03


We're about to rent and I wanted to get your opinion on the schools I mentioned above?

William Patten, Betty Layward, Gayhurst and London Fields.

Im interested in those because I like the streets around (to rent in) and because I know those schools have good reputations.

I know there's no guarantee my DC would get in, but anyone know much about them and have an opinion?

Betty Layward seems to do very well academically but seems to have a mixed reputation. I heard it got a new head recently. Is that true?

London Fields seems to be outdoorsy but quite regimented from what I heard.

Don't know much about William Patten or Gayhurst except that parents seem to rave about them.

Would love to hear any thoughts!

PeacheyPie Wed 21-Dec-16 12:40:25

Or any alternative fantastic Hackney school I should consider moving near to!

PeacheyPie Wed 21-Dec-16 14:21:32

Bumping ☺️

JeanGenie23 Wed 21-Dec-16 14:36:49

I am a CM in Hackney, we have many fantastic schools. The ones you mentioned are spread across the borough, do you have a preferred area?

Northwold and Southwold school are both great (northwold has the edge though IMO) and they are in Clapton.

Orchard school (not far from London fields) is very good also.

Lauriston school in Victoria park used to have the best reputation but it has very mixed reviews now.

William Pattern is Stoke newington, I don't know so much about it as its a little too far out for me, I can imagine it has a very upper middle class bunch of parents though.

I would suggest finding your house first and school later. Check admissions as well as some schools may require you to live in the area for X amount of time in order to get a place.

widget2015 Wed 21-Dec-16 14:52:51

I would agree with the previous poster about finding a house first then looking at schools. Most schools in Hackney are pretty good and finding a house close to a specific school could be tough.

I know few people with children at London Fields and they are very happy also Sebright nearby is a friendly school with a good reputation.

Its worth noting that if you move too far from a school once you get your first in the sibling rule does not apply - so if you have more than 1 renting in the catchment area then moving might not work.

PeacheyPie Wed 21-Dec-16 17:17:47

Thanks both! Stoke Newington is my preferred area - we used to live there - and the roads around Church St or near the park (hence William Patten and Betty Layward).

And around london fields I also love (where we live now).

So it's just a choice between the two really.

Our current place is too small and we have friends in both N16 and E8. I thought I would let schools be the decider! But you're prob right, I should find the house first.

Don't know anything about Northwold or Southwold - please do tell me more, jean!

I have heard a bit about Sebright, widget! But only that people like it. Is it big on creativity or outdoorsy stuff?

PeacheyPie Wed 21-Dec-16 20:06:52

Does anyone know much about woodberry down school as well? It's a bit far from where we currently live near Broadway Market (!), but lots of flats up for rent that look good.

I see the school gets outstanding. Not even sure it's still Hackney though?

JeanGenie23 Wed 21-Dec-16 22:14:45

Northwold school has consistently been in top 5 schools in London, it has the forest school links which I love, and the head of ks1 maths is fantastic (important for me as I struggled terribly with numeracy!)

Southwold is a lovely old school, smaller than Northwold, but only just. Ive visited a few times, headmistress is very on the ball, her approach to running the school isn't necessarily child-centred (IMO) but they get results, and whenever I've been the children and parents seem happy.

I've heard of woodberry down but I don't know where it is.
Baden Powell school is another great one, it's small so hard to get in. It's by Hackney downs 😊

Eastie77 Sat 31-Dec-16 00:51:33

I visited Sebright last month and loved it, seems very well run and the Reception class outdoor space is amazing - the largest I've seen in any Hackney primary school.

Our first choice will be London Fields though. I have heard about the slightly strict regeime (a friend of mine decided against it for that very reason) but I was really impressed with the school ethos when I did a tour recently and a close relative currently attends. Her mum has nothing but good reviews.

I attended Southwold school when I was a child (feeling my age now!). It was an average school back then I but like most Hackney schools has improved a lot. Northwold is great.

I'm not looking at schools in Stoke Newington but I believe William Patten & Betty Layward are very good. The latter has a bit of a reputation re. pushy parentssmile

The vast majority of Primary schools in Hackney are very good/outstanding. I've visited quite a few this year as DD starts next year and there was only one that I felt I would definitely not send her to.

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