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Reigate schools

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Blankscreen Sun 18-Dec-16 23:46:10

Dd is coming to the end of infant school and we need to apply for a junior place.

I've been to both Reigate Priory and Parish information sessions and liked them both.

Parish doesn't have a formal intake but with some children leaving to go the Priory we could possibly get a place.

I liked the Priory it seems a lovely lively school I think my concern is that dd may find it a bit too overwhelming but having said that the children all.seemed very happy and the extra curricular stuff seems amazing. Dd is not doing that brilliantly on the academic.side of overall bustle of the school is making me have second thoughts.

The parish much smaller doesn't seem to have the extra curricular buzz of the priory or the facilities but seems calmer. I.suppose my concern here is that its not tried and tested.for.junior children.

So anyone out there with any experience of either school? If so i would love to hear you thoughts
It might be that we don't get the parish but I'm.just covering all bases.

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