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Schools in n22 area

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user1481623022 Thu 15-Dec-16 10:44:36


Baby not yet born but get the impression the sooner you start thinking about it the better.
Live in N22 area of London, and sadly the school closest us is not all that good as I can see from offsted reports - alright to put it bluntly downright rough.
Looking at the options we have to get offered a place in a better school, we either move out of London altogether (which I'd rather not do) or move to an area in the catchment of a better school thus sacrificing the space and home we made for a smaller place. Neither of these solutions are perfect so could anyone give me an insight as to a) what they've done if their local isn't all that good and b) where the better schools in N22 are and is it difficult to get into them?

RaisedByWolves Sat 17-Dec-16 23:35:36

Hmmm... not much help as I am in the same situation, just different area. I went to school in N22 and it was very rough, and my guess, despite some time passing, stayed rough. However, it had not prevented me (and others) from achieving academically. Hope that cheers you up if you don't end up with a place where you want it. There is always home schooling....

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