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School report - content.

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Fairybust Sat 26-Nov-16 23:05:45

What information would you expect to see in a school report.

Dd has brought hers home and whilst it's a positive read at first read, reading between the lines there are clearly concepts which she has been introduced to but not grasped.

X has been introduced to various grammatical concepts and is begining to use basic punctuation.

And a similarly wishy-washy maths.
There at no targets whether shes hitting expectations etc etc.

The general comment is along the lines of doing well and making good progress.

I've posted another thread about other issues at the school but I feel totally exasperated. It's a private school and I have a horrible feeling that in order to.keep.the parents happy they put a positive slant on everything. It's very much a.'trust us we know.what we are doing' place.

It's parents evening next week think I am.reasonable to.ask for her targets and to.see how she is doing against those targets etc


sirfredfredgeorge Sat 26-Nov-16 23:26:52

For a year 2 report though, being introduced to punctuation is a bit odd, as that's a year 1 national curriculum, but I understand your DD is in a private school so maybe they don't have to follow it, I have no idea. If it was a state school, you could easily look up on line what the expectations at the end of year 2 are and make some judgement yourself on how she's progressing.

Certainly though, you should demand it of the teacher, you would expect it to be freely given, and asking is the least you need.

Based on the two threads, I would move her to the state school without hesitation, even if the current school is better on some objective level, for the specific case of your DD, this one just isn't working out.

There can be no perfect school that works for everyone, different environments and different peers work for different kids.

Fairybust Sat 26-Nov-16 23:36:23

Good idea I will have a look at what the nc expectations are and try and work.backwards.from.there

Thing is I am more than .happy to.accept that dd needs additional help.but its just the.not.knowing that worries me.

I have specifically said if there is something she's stuck on please.let me.know and we can practice a bit, but nothing.and trying to.get.any info.out of dd is like.trying to get blood.out of a stone.

mrz Sun 27-Nov-16 06:34:42

*"*^*Eg *^
*X has been introduced to various grammatical concepts and is begining to use basic punctuation. *

^*And a similarly wishy-washy maths.
There at no targets whether shes hitting expectations etc etc*^*"*

It says she's beginning to use basic punctuation ... Not that she's been introduced to it. Capital letters and full stops are the bane of many teachers lives with some children never using them unprompted so if she is that's a positive step.

I would expect targets ...what she needs to do next to improve. expectations are for the end of the key stage and its early in the school year.

irvineoneohone Sun 27-Nov-16 07:41:57

My ds' yr2 school report during the year had his current level and short term target in reading, writing and maths.

1) To question the meaning of new vocabulary and use a dictionary to find the definition if he is still unsure. (reading)
2) To improve the presentation of his work and turn simple/compound sentences into complex sentences by considering the use of connectives and word order.(writing)
3)To solve deeper and longer problems in mathematics involving those with more than one answer.(maths)

catkind Sun 27-Nov-16 09:55:28

The positive slant thing isn't confined to private schools. "Beginning to", "introduced to" I would guess are keywords meaning they're at the beginning of those particular targets. They sound very much in the vein of our end of year reports (DC's school only give targets and feedback on their general attitude in class in the interim reports). When we looked at them they did translate to saying how far they were along with exact NC targets so that's a good thing to look against, bearing in mind they are only one term into year 2 targets.

I think you could reasonably sound out the teacher about how she compares to what they'd expect at this stage, and targets. Though there are kind of targets implied by saying she's "starting to" or "been introduced to".

The targets shared were very vague for DS (Y3). "Solve problems involving fractions" for example. It just says what they're going to be studying next, it's nothing to do with what DS can or can't do.
DD's in reception are brilliant though, really specific and appropriate for her personally. If you can get something like that from school I think it would really help you to support her learning at home as well as to be able to see that progress happening.

mrz Sun 27-Nov-16 10:08:17

Id say the wording is linked to the reporting /tracking program the school uses nothing more

mrz Sun 27-Nov-16 13:25:15

It also says Level 3 can supervise but not teach

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