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KCJS Extra-Curricular Sports

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christmasiscoming12 Sat 26-Nov-16 15:08:45

Was wondering if any current or former KCJS parents could comment on the amount of sports and type of sports the boys do in the junior school?

Does swimming play a large role as I couldn't find too much information on the site. Do they have fixtures against other schools and is there a squad?

I missed out on the recent open morning and am considering KCJS for DS but wanted to know whether swimming (DS swims at club level) is offered at the lower levels. My DS is both very academic and sporty and we will likely sit the exams next year.


SPINNINGMOM Thu 01-Dec-16 19:09:00

Hi. Current KCJS Parent. There is not a lot of swimming but they have hired a new coach. Used to be maybe 2 galas a year but we have had 2 this term so looking up. Most boys swim at local clubs but I think there is one extra practice per week. The pool is a strange length (30 m I think?). But they are set to rebuild it soon. My son is not a good athlete. Unfortunately this has meant that there is not a lot of sport available for him now. When the year groups are smaller (1st two years) there is more inclusion. That changes as the year groups get really large in the final years.

christmasiscoming12 Thu 01-Dec-16 23:14:19

Thanks, so much Spinningmom. So I take the hiring of the new coach is to increase the profile of swimming given that they are building a new pool?

SPINNINGMOM Fri 02-Dec-16 00:31:02

I doubt there will be much outside the weekly practice and a few galas because there isn't a lot of coaching staff. The school really focuses on Cricket, Rugby and Football. If your son can make those teams they have a lot of fun.

harvestmoon32 Fri 02-Dec-16 09:22:06

Don't rely on a school to have a swimming programme that is anything but a once a week club and a few galas. If your child is a good swimmer and keen to commit to it, sign them up for a local club and train 3-5 x per week. Swimming is a sport where hours in the pool makes a real difference. And as they get older the level of commitment needs to increase - from observation, it is at the cost of participation in other sports.

SPINNINGMOM Fri 02-Dec-16 09:35:49

Totally agree with HM32 but would add that Latymer Upoer has a fabulous pool and a great head of swimming. They are allowed to train with a really good club ( competitive and vv difficult to join) in the morning and afternoons if they are students.

christmasiscoming12 Fri 02-Dec-16 21:41:12

Thanks, both. Yes my DS's current prep has an outstanding swimming programme. He currently does 9 hours a week including school and club, which does come at the expense of participation in other activities.

I will look into Latymer Upper. I have a colleague who went there and raves about the school.

SPINNINGMOM Sat 03-Dec-16 06:50:26

Latymer boasts quite a few National Level Swimmers and they still seem to be grounded and academic kids. Latymer also participate in some biathalons. They have recently won quite a few I think. This is also seems like a lot of fun for swimming kids. Good Luck.

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