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Another boring reading thread but advice welcome

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dingalong Wed 23-Nov-16 11:55:16

Dd is just seven (in first class in Ireland)

They've three reading books to do this year (each about 40 page - a page a day)

They started the new book yesterday. While the class were reading the first two pages dd dos the book and answered all the questions.

The teacher just said - &don't read ahead.'

I'm trying to encourage dd to read, she's starting to read chapter books (how to train your dragon series) and I'm trying to encourage a love of reading.

Should I speak to the teacher about getting her something else to read while others are reading this terms book? We just had a parent teacher meeting and I don't want her to be an annoying parent, but don't want her bored

Ginmummy1 Wed 23-Nov-16 13:23:07

We love a reading thread on MN!

Is this group/guided reading? For the whole class? I don’t quite understand how you mean that the whole class is reading one page per day. (that is probably just my ignorance, as to my knowledge my DD – Y1 in England, aged almost 6 – has not yet done any ‘group’ reading of any sort)

Clearly if your DD can read the whole 40-page book and answer the questions in the time it takes the remainder of the class to read one page (I’m sure I’ve misunderstood this slightly!) then there is a significant problem.

How much of the school day is this taking up? If it’s 10 mins I think she can be expected to put up with it. If it’s much more than that, it sounds a complete waste of time for her, and I would agree with you that a word with the teacher to agree an alternative activity for your daughter would be a good idea.

What did the teacher say about your DD in the recent meeting? Is your DD very ahead in everything? Is she the only advanced child? What is the teacher doing to stretch her?

dingalong Wed 23-Nov-16 15:42:27

This is class reading. They have to read the page, practise the new words. I'm not sure how long it takes?
We'd parent teacher meeting last week and I must confess I was more interested to hear how dd was managing socially. Dd loves animals and would be very advanced in nature etc but has only gotten interested in reading herself. The teacher said she was very intense and her understanding of nature was very beyond the class and the teacher herself.

She read the last one quickly as we were heading away on holidays and finished it too.

I never thought to ask the teacher about reading.

I've been telling her that reading is great and practise makes you better so the teachers comment not to read ahead is a bit hmm. I understand the teacher can't be doing different things with everyone.

irvineoneohone Wed 23-Nov-16 18:11:44

Which book is she reading?
I think individual reading and whole class reading is completely different.
My ds's class was reading very easy book for him last year(yr3, 7 years old) for whole class reading. But aim is completely different. They analyze the text, explore the use of words, rewrite the sentence etc. If he just read the book, he could finish within 5 minutes, but it wasn't the purpose. And he really enjoyed it, even though he read the book when he was in reception.(age4/5)

dingalong Thu 24-Nov-16 11:02:18

I think they all have to read the book in school and at home. (2 pages a day). It's the reading zone series. The questions etc are done when they get to the end of the story and as they re-read it. There are extender questions which dd isn't doing.

My Sil recommended doing some kids poetry with dd in the evenings as its about drilling down into language etc so I'll do that and leave her night time reading for (enjoyment , speed and stamina building)

Thanks everyone. Now does anyone recommend a nice poetry anthology 😄

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