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Independent Primary Schools - Portsmouth-Southsea

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SleepyLambs Tue 22-Nov-16 10:33:17

Hi, We're looking for thoughts or advice on independent schools in the Portsmouth - Southsea area (although flexible in Hampshire-West Sussex). We have 3 who will be in year 2, 1 and nursery. Ideally looking at co-ed so they can be at the same school.

Ideally we're looking for a well-rounded environment with good pastoral care and athletics. We will be visiting schools in person, of course. We're considering Mayville High School, St. John's College, and perhaps Portsmouth Grammar.

I've done a search here and haven't seen much on Mayville High School. I worry about a high pressure environment that PGS seems to have a reputation for. At least one of our little ones is very academic and competitive but worry about adding more pressure than she seems to add for herself but do want her to be challenged.

Thank you in advance!

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