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Desperately looking for independent school north london

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user1479080976 Mon 21-Nov-16 15:00:11

My Son is in year 2 at a state school. We have been told that he would do a lot better at an independent school. Academically he is average to above average, he is very quirky, musical and loves drama. He has no behaviour problems. We have not been tutoring hiom for the 7+ and are not looking for an aceademic hothouse, in fact a school with the least amount of homework as we would like him to do extra curricular activities and not just study. Does such a school exist? Within reasonable travelling distance to N3?

bojorojo Tue 22-Nov-16 21:00:24

Yes. A state school and then you can pay for all the extras. I can't see why you think an undependent school would be better? Other than you get all the extra curricular on one site.

user1479080976 Tue 22-Nov-16 23:48:30

He is at a State school at the moment. The state school has said he would do better with a small class where the teacher has time to answer all of his very inqusitive questions. He is also very quirky, very musical and talented in drama. Socially he is not fitting in as he does not enjoy sports and is not at all physical, hence boys are leaving him out and girls are going their own ways. We believe that at a school that has a great music and drama department, one would think that there would be more like minded kids for him to socialise with.

horsemadmom Wed 23-Nov-16 07:48:30

Heathside and The Academy. Both in Hampstead.

TreehouseTales Wed 23-Nov-16 07:51:54

What an odd thing for a state school teacher to say. Have you looked at other state schools?

dontcrynow Wed 23-Nov-16 07:59:32

Haveyouconsidered King Alfreds School in NW11? Ive heard it's very hot on drama.

MakeJam Wed 23-Nov-16 08:15:08

St Paul's Steiner school?
link here

PotteringAlong Wed 23-Nov-16 08:15:18

The state school has said he would do better with a small class where the teacher has time to answer all of his very inqusitive questions

I think you need to read between the lines here and make sure that you're not going to make an expensive and maybe unnecessary move.

He might be better with a smaller class and that might well mean independent school, but I think they're trying to say that he's currently a pain in the backside in class and keeps asking random questions rather than doing whatever it is he's meant to be doing. That might be linked to his social issues, not academic ones, and helping him with that might make his academic school life improve?

lunchboxtroubles Wed 23-Nov-16 10:17:50

Lyndhurst and Devonshire house may have places at 7 as others leave for run-through schools, but they will hot-house him for the 11+ or 13+ and you'd have a hideous school run into Hampstead. King Alfred's is very alternative so do your research before considering it. The schools in Mill Hill are by anecdote a bit less selective so worth contacting them as again they will have some who have done the 7+ and left.

Are you going to have a go at the 7+?

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