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Dd sick all week-GL Saturday. What to do?

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TheStorySoFar Wed 16-Nov-16 14:48:10

We're in NI. Last Saturday DD sat her first AQE paper. Came out happy enough, flushed face. Was ill all that night vomiting, high temp. Same all day & night Sunday. On Monday took her to GP & she diagnosed tonsillitis & started antibiotics. She's been really unwell; not eating or sleeping. High temps (39+) until today & only today has she eaten two meals (v small amounts but more than the yoghurt drinks of the last few days). She's white as a sheet & her voice is still v thick. Throat still sore. What should I do? Anyone any experience of this?

ridinghighinapril Wed 16-Nov-16 18:04:14

Sorry, but I don't think anyone should be giving out advice without seeing your DD, esp if not qualified. Best speak/see your GP again, if concerned and then they can advise you if she is on the right track and what signs to be aware of.
Hope she feels better soon!

ridinghighinapril Wed 16-Nov-16 18:04:43

Excuse the typos

spanieleyes Wed 16-Nov-16 19:48:20

i don't think The StorySofar was asking for medical advice, more what to do about the forthcoming test!
I;m not in NI but am in a 11+ area. in these circumstances, we would phone the school running the test and explain the situation. it might be that they have an alternative date the test could be sat or other special arrangements. Or it could be that they advise you to let your daughter sit the test but with the caveat that, should she not be successful, you might have grounds for appeal. whatever the situation, this won't be the first time they have dealt with something similar and will have tried and tested procedures!

ridinghighinapril Wed 16-Nov-16 22:33:16

Ah sorry, I missed that bit! I did think it was a bit odd. I guess, in the end, it's similar advice to my original response:
Call and ask them - don't listen to another's experience and assume it will apply to you. Keep the school informed. Hope she feels better soon (and good luck!)!

TheStorySoFar Thu 17-Nov-16 20:49:22

Thx for replies. Yes-sorry my initial post was a little unclear. I was just wondering if anyone has been in this position & has words of wisdom to offer. She's ok today & is going back to school tomorrow so I think she'll be able to sit the exam. I'm peeved that she's had to deal with being ill this week & am worried it will affect her score. So I'll let the exam centre know in case she gets upset on the day, and I do have evidence of GP visit if required. I don't think I'll mention it to her as I don't want to tempt fate. She's not a nervous/stressed child hoping this last week completely switched off from schoolwork hasn't been detrimental!

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