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The Study Vs Bishops Gilpin

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user1478877267 Fri 11-Nov-16 15:35:55


We have two DDs 3 and 1 years old and are undecided on schools. We live 180 meters from BG so have a good chance of getting in and we also really like The Study when we looked round. Anyone have experience of these schools in Wimbledon? Pros and cons? All advice welcome. smile

lupinasco Mon 14-Nov-16 15:10:50

DD1(24) went to Bishop Gilpin, and had a reasonably good time. She left after year 5 and was then diagnosed with dyslexia. No biggie for us, she is very bright and coped very well at hiding her frustrations.
DD2 (7) is at The Study, and loving it. She is totally thriving and has reached all her goals quietly and confidently without lots of pressure.
I know there is a big age gap and things have changed a lot in 20 years, but if I could have I wish I had sent DD1 to The Study.
The study doesn't do SATS, so there isn't all the pressure in year 2 to prep them for pretty pointless exams that really don't benefit the children. I also really like the sports program, DD2 is just about to participate in her first netball match, and she is thrilled to be taking part (she doesn't have a huge talent for netball, but that doesn't seem to matter)
Personally, if you can do it, then go for The Study. Teachers are all really lovely, and work with the children at a pace that suits the individual, no rushing just to keep with the national standards, yet they are naturally ahead.
I am sure there is much more I can say, so just ask and i will try and fill you in

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