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In-year transfer form..

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Allyoudude Thu 10-Nov-16 20:02:07

Hi all, just wanted to know if this might affect an in-year application..:
DD's school has just returned our form, signed it all off, no additional notes or comments were necessary, she's just a regular pupil. However, their attitude from the start was that they fill these forms in all the time, no need to meet with any senior staff at all to discuss any concerns/reasons for wanting to leave. I don't think it's even actually signed by any of the senior staff, but one of the admin people.
So on the form, there's a little checklist for the school at the end, including "have met with parents to discuss relevant issues" (smth along those lines), obviously left blank.
Might this make any difference whatsoever to whoever is responsible for considering our applications? Would they contact the school for further info? Should the school give more of a s**t?
Thanks in advance for any thoughts..

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