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Absolutely mortified

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Headachehattie123 Wed 09-Nov-16 20:05:27

I have a son in year 1 born in September and another son in year R born August so at lunchtime they seem to play together.
Today it seems the older one became jealous of the younger one playing with someone else so said " I'm going to punch him "
younger one said " do it " so he did
Completely not excusable as elder one is 6 and younger 4 however 4 year old is very bright and far more " knowing " if that makes sense, so wouldn't dream of doing something to land himself in trouble whereas older one is more emotional and boisterous
So not only am I very upset he's done this - it was a punch to the face on this boy of nearly 5 so has left a mark on his cheek but the school neither informed myself or the other parent even though all kids involved have said a lunchtime lady dealt with it and told my son she was telling his teacher to have it recorded in the bad behaviour book which is monitored by the headteacher
The mother doesn't pick up today so it was the dad who stormed over to me to question me and my son to why he had done this as he was shocked by the mark when he collected him.
Once he had calmed down I asked if they had been contacted as general protocol is to call parent of injured child if a mark is left and the other parent if deemed intentional which this was.
I don't know what to do next but I think I should be asking the school some questions in the morning?

wonderwoo Wed 09-Nov-16 20:13:49

I don't think the other parent should have stormed over to you at all. If he had a problem, he should have spoken to the teacher. And equally, the teacher should have spoken to both of you. Yes, I would certainly be asking some questions of the school. If my son had done something like that, I would want to know.

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