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Primary Schools in Edgware

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somyadodd Tue 08-Nov-16 06:21:18

Dear fellow mums, need some advise on primary school in Edgware. DS is starting in primary in Sept 2017. We are about to buy a new home in green lane Edgware (the ones being built by barratt homes). We loved the area but cannot find any non-religious state schools close by. The one at our door step will be London Academy. I do not have a good feeling about the school after reading some not so great reviews and the schools results. Could anybody please suggest if we will get a chance into any other nicer schools close by - broad fields primary, Stanburn etc. Or will the council force us to go to London academy?? Help please!!!! If no schools around then I think it's not worth buying the home 😥😥

AnotherKitKat Wed 11-Jan-17 17:33:03

Hi somy, did you end up buying the house in Edgware? I live in Edgware. In a similar situation to you regarding primary schools. Which school you select?

edgwarechange Wed 11-Jan-17 18:16:07

Name changed for this. Edgware is quite split. There are a lot of Jewish schools which take the majority of Jewish children. Around Green Lane those who aren't in Jewish schools will most likely be in private schools. The state primaries tend to have very high FSM and ESL. None of this is a problem but it highlights that the state primaries are quite 2 tier. Having said that, Broadfields is meant to be very good and especially good for SEN. From Edgware you may get Hartsbourne in Bushey Heath and I think that the Stanmore state primaries, especially Whitchurch are meant to be very good. Secondary is a much bigger problem, your local school will be London Academy and although it's on the up academically, it's not one we would have considered. Again, most children around where you're looking are at Jewish or Private secondary with a few at QE Boys or Henrietta Barnett.

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