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School application help

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crazyangel93 Mon 07-Nov-16 02:56:27

okay so im new to all this and i really don't know what anything means and where to start can someone explain what i need to do there's two schools close to where i live and i only like one do i just apply for that one or do i have to apply for both please help

Toomanycats99 Mon 07-Nov-16 03:44:11

You should apply for as many as you can. You may not get into first choice and better a school you don't like on your doorstep than one you don't like a long way away which is what you may get. If you don't get into. At choices council will put you wherever has space after everyone else has made their choices.

Sherbert38 Mon 07-Nov-16 04:02:51

It's best to apply for both. Just make sure you rank them in order of preference. If you qualify for both they will always give you your first choice anyway.
If you were to only apply for one and for some reason didn't get that school you would run the risk of being centrally allocated another even further away than school number 2.
I'm sure it's unlikely but best to be safe.

PatriciaHolm Mon 07-Nov-16 07:55:10

You need to start by reading the application criteria for the two schools - the list of things they use to order applications and decide who gets in.

In normal state schools in England, this is most likely to be children with a statement that names the school, then children with a demonstrable social or medical need, then siblings, then distance.

Your local authority should be able to tell you how many children were admitted under each criteria and how far the last child admitted under distance lived, which will give you an idea of how likely you are to get in from where you live.

You may find that you are within than distance for both of your local schools, just one, or neither, which will help inform your choices. Its a good idea to use all your choices - you will have either 3 or 6 depending where you live - as then you maximise the chances of getting something on your list. The third should ideally be a banker - a school you may not really want much, but a worst case scenario - something you would get into and put up with rather than being given a undersubscribed school 45 minutes away.

The LEA will offer a place at the school highest up your list that you qualify for, so put them in genuine order of preference. However, if you don't qualify for any on your list, they will find you something, but it may not be near or a school you want.

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