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how much homework do your DCs get?

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80schild Mon 31-Oct-16 13:51:11

I have a DC in year 3. This year I have noticed that the homework for DC1 has been cranked up ridiculously. For English over half term they had to write a book review; learn spellings and they had maths to do as well. In total we spent 2 hours on just the English part (I couldn't face spending more than this).

I have noticed that all the homework is now like this - it never takes less than two hours of our weekend to do it. I think this seems too much to expect. We are in the state sector (although it is a competitive school). How much do your children get and is this normal? I would really like to take this to the class teacher as we are struggling to fit in anything else already around this.

atticusclaw2 Mon 31-Oct-16 13:57:49

Seems normal to me.

DS2 is in Year 5:

Book report
Computer based maths (about an hour's worth in total)
History report on the Mary Rose
Comprehension exercise

DS1 is in Year 7:

Physics worksheets
latin translation
French spellings
computer based maths
learn a piece of poetry (shakespeare) by heart
History assignment
English essay
food diary for Food Tech
Biology - practical task

Mine are in the independent sector though and had two weeks' "off"

atticusclaw2 Mon 31-Oct-16 13:59:10

DS2 generally spends about 4 hours a week on homework.
DS1 has about 7 hours per week.

oompaloompaland Mon 31-Oct-16 14:57:41

Independent school, Y6. We have up to 1 hour of homework per school night (although the tasks sometimes only take 10 minutes, such as online maths), and then about 3 hours over the weekend. I sympathise with the h/w you've been given, but it doesn't sound too out of the ordinary.

irvineoneohone Mon 31-Oct-16 15:05:18

No HW for halfterm here.(state, yr4)

noramum Mon 31-Oct-16 15:18:03

DD is in Y5.

In Y3 she got a weekly times table, spellings (10 words or could do the 15 of the top set) plus a math or english worksheet

In Y4 they changed the concept. They still got the times table and spelling but homework is now "open format". They get a task and can do it in any way they like. So it can be from researching the digestive track of any sea animal (most did power point or poster) to research about insulation (we did a science experiment covering at least 1 hour for three days), a interpretation of the main characters living conditions described in the topic's book (movie with Playmobil), a short story about a dragon (DD did a film of St George and the dragon with playmobil and a stuffed dragon).....

In a way it challenges the child to think outside the box how to interpret questions, search for solutions and often DD has to deal with multiple skills to do it. But, hardly any of them are possible without an adult. In Y5 we had so far very similar tasks. In addition she has to note down which book she currently reads and a short review (good, bad, average and why).

The school's guideline is 30 minutes, most times we overrun this.

Witchend Mon 31-Oct-16 15:59:46

Dd1 is a perfectionist so her homework expands to fit the time she has.
Ds' (year 5) homework takes about 2.5 hours. That's 2 hours to complain about the unfairness of it and half an hour to do.
That's probably unfair. 2hours 15 minutes to complain and 15 minutes to do. wink

KingLooieCatz Mon 31-Oct-16 16:52:54

State school in Scotland - P4 so roughly Y3. Maybe an hour or two a week. Nothing over the break. Almost always worksheets to fill in, possibly times tables or a story to write. Nothing requiring a computer so far.

Comiconce Mon 31-Oct-16 17:06:58

I wish mine would get homework! Yr 2 dd has a bit of reading to do, more or less optional, and a random spelling test every few weeks. Yr 5 dd has daily reading to do (pretty optional how much!) and also a weekly spelling list. That's it.

SternlyVoice Mon 31-Oct-16 22:06:20

My dd is in Y1. Over the half term break, she had a project to do, which took about 3 hours (included writing and painting). Now that she's back at school, she will have reading every day and a spelling test each week (about 5 words per week). And they're encouraged to do maths exercises online. I was only saying to my OH the other day that I thought it was a bit over the top for children of that age. I

CheerfullyIndifferent Mon 31-Oct-16 22:19:30

Y3 here, for half term she had to research Stone Age and present it as a poster, leaflet, PowerPoint presentation or however else they liked. For English she had to learn a story and no maths hw.

The usual amount of homework is: spellings come home on Monday and are handed in the next Monday, on Friday she gets reading comprehension, a writing task and one or two sheets of maths. The writing one normally takes ages but everything else is usually quick. Oh, and times tables.

Books are changed whenever she finishes whatever she brings home, but her teacher just lets her get on with whatever she likes in that area, so I don't really count that as homework to be honest.

I think it's a lot. Too much, even. But I'm very much against homework for primary school children (might change my mind in Y6, we'll see grin).

catkind Tue 01-Nov-16 20:22:07

Y3, it's still minimal. Spellings weekly. In theory maths weekly but there was only actually one task so far, and that took under 5 minutes.

They can bring books home for reading, but DS never changes his; I haven't bothered chasing as he reads loads anyway and the school selection aren't inspiring. There doesn't seem to be a reading diary any more.

eeyoresgrumpierfriend Fri 04-Nov-16 12:07:35

DD is year 3. She gets:
- English/comprehension on a Monday - usually either writing a story or answering questions on one;
- French on a Tuesday - usually writing out/completing gaps in sentences using the vocabulary they've been using that week;
- Maths on a Wednesday - this is loads often around 80 sums to do :-(
plus 10 minutes reading a load, mathletics, 20 spellings and a times table to learn for a test each week.

It's too much!

eeyoresgrumpierfriend Fri 04-Nov-16 12:08:26

reading a day not 'load'!

Ditsy4 Sat 05-Nov-16 20:26:40

Year 3
Ten spellings every week.
One piece of English
One sheet of Maths and opportunity to complete Maths games or work on line.
One piece of topic work or Science.
Reading minimum three times a week to an adult.

ShoeEatingMonster Sat 05-Nov-16 20:30:10

I would say that the amount your dc gets is normal but the time it takes is too long. Seriously two hours to do a book review?

Glittermakeseverythingbetter Sat 05-Nov-16 20:34:45

minimum 3 x 15min reads a week to adult
10 spellings a week tested on fridays
15 mins or more maths hwk set on computer
Whichever times tables they are on
Plus a topic homework continuation of what their current topic is in class of which they have to choose at least 5 pieces from and write/craft/ict/power point etc which again has major parental input.
Way too much in my opinion.

Glittermakeseverythingbetter Sat 05-Nov-16 20:36:04

The topic homework they have about 2 months on, but most parents cram it into a half term.

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