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Schooling in UK with twin 8yo

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sfraser Mon 31-Oct-16 12:22:02

we will move in June 2017 to uk from Istanbul(Brit man married to Turkish/Canadian) with boy/girl twins 8yo and need to start school search(ideally same school). Preferred in West London (Hounslow/Ealing/Richmond/Putney areas). looking at either independent or state systems but realise we need to move fast. any useful recommendations or tips welcome. We are novices !

idontlikealdi Mon 31-Oct-16 13:43:58

I'm no expert but seeing as you will need two places in one year group you could end up with one in school and one not or in different schools if the schools you want are oversubscribed.

I would contact the independent schools you are interested in and also the LAs to see what the wait lists are like for in year admissions.

steppemum Mon 31-Oct-16 13:57:54

The LEA will have a list of schools in the borough. Then you can look at their websites to see which ones you like.
The LEA should also be able to tell you which schools currently have spaces (if any) But those spaces may not still be there when you move.

In London many schools are over subscribed and there is a shortage of school places. Once you are here, the LEA has to find you a place somewhere, but that may not be in a school of your choice, or near to your house, or very quickly.

You can technically apply for a place before you move (if the school has places) but it isn't easy. Usually you need to move first and then apply for school places.

sfraser Mon 31-Oct-16 14:02:01

Thats all good advice. I too can see separate schools more than likely. I am on to the LEA as the move,setting up a home and applications need to come together. Thanks so much

user1471537877 Mon 31-Oct-16 14:50:41


The advice you are being given is not quite correct, as far as I'm aware there are rules in primary education where the 2nd twin can be admitted as an exempted child due to its status

However, you can only apply for places once you have a confirmed U.K. Address

There are a number of specialists in this area, admission, Tiggytape, PRH and Patricia holm who can advise you correctly

steppemum Mon 31-Oct-16 14:51:37

some LEAs have policies regarding placing twins. But they may only apply to offereing reception/first year secondary places when allocating schools.

But it would be worth checking it.
By law the younger classes are not allowed to go above 30 per class, but the classes you are looking at can go to 31/32 at the discretion of the head teacher. Twins is one of those cases where they may be prepared to go over.

suitcaseofdreams Mon 31-Oct-16 14:56:35

As far as I'm aware (parent of twins), the 2nd twin as an excepted child only applies to Reception entry (i.e. When first starting school) and allows the school to go over the 30 children per class legal limit for infants to admit a twin (or other multiple)
However, since the OP's twins are 8 they will be going into KS2 with no legal class size limit anyway. Plus they will (assuming June '17) be making an in year application so it will really come down to which schools have space at the time...

Mary21 Mon 31-Oct-16 18:01:32

In Richmond borough virtually all the state primaries are good or outstanding so you have a good chance of ending up at a good school. Most are at least 2 form entry if not more . All the schools are over subscribed at age 4 but in common with a lot of London people move so places do come up.
Hounslow is a more mixed borough. Some parts are very multi ethnic with large numbers of newcomers to this country and well as lots of second/ third generation. Depending where you are in Hounslow there is quite a lot of movement in some schools as folk are here for a short time only or live in the area whilst they are sorting a more permanent location to live in.
Again there is a lot of pressure on places at 4 but due to churn places come up higher up the school.
Richmond has more private schools than Hounslow. It also has a private German school. Richmond has Catholic and Church of England state schools if that's what you are after. Hounslow has Catholic, C/e, Sikh and Muslim I believe. Neither have Jewish schools to my knowledge.
Sorry don't know Ealing or Putney so well

sfraser Tue 01-Nov-16 07:28:46

Thanks all so much and I sense some optimism on the twin front. Not essential to have them together but makes life easier especially this first year. Also encouraged by the Richmond area (Ealing has about the same number and both rated high in the London Borough state school rankings). The challenge now is the address but I note there are ways round if we are repatriating. Its harder but possible..I will be in UK later this month so hopefully will get good face to face advice. Huge thanks to all - if I knew you ,would stand you a glass of something !

steppemum Tue 01-Nov-16 12:04:26

just remember, the people to whom you have to apply are the Local Authority. Schools can give you an idea of places, (or not) but they do not hold their own waiting lists etc, that is the local authority.

BUT the system is quite complicated. There are State schools, Academies (not fee paying) and free schools (not fee paying) academies and free schools can have slightly different procedures. But for most you still apply through the Local Authority.

sw15mum Tue 01-Nov-16 13:23:14

At a friend's school in Putney they definitely let 2 twins into Y2 as numbers 30 and 31. As someone said, there is a lot of movement at even the best state schools, particularly in the higher years and it might be easier than you thin to get them both at the same school. Theres also a lot of movement at the independent schools.

sfraser Wed 02-Nov-16 07:05:07

Thats encouraging on twins front. The LA are the key it seems. And setting up an address.
Thanks again

Alwaysfrank Wed 02-Nov-16 08:23:38

I second what others have said about there being a lot of movement and you might have a better chance than you think. Ealing is generally very tight for primary places but they do publish a list of vacancies on their website. Richmond borough are very helpful if you phone them about in year vacancies. You can't apply until you have an address, as others have said. I think Hounslow require you to present at the civic centre with your children in order to apply.

sfraser Wed 02-Nov-16 11:28:53

Thank you again - the address seems to be the deal-breaker ! On the borough sites they do suggest there are ways around that if theres intent to move and apply late. Lets see - thanks again

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