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estatebabe Sun 11-Feb-07 08:11:52

IS there anyone else out there who's kids have to take the damn secondary selection test and is starting to panic about the whole bloody thing! 2nd March is results day and its only 3 weeks away!!! Its not the selective or non-selective that bothers me - its the other parents who crow about their ds or dd that hack me off. I've got one parent who I just don't want to see that day!

katelyle Sun 11-Feb-07 08:40:57

Oh estatebabe- me too! Isn't it awful? And yes, there is one parent.....Wouldn't it be wierd if I was the parent you're dreading - I do hope not! The problem we have is that my dd is a borderline grammar school pass, but most of her friends are in the racing certainty group. I don't think there are many of us on MN though, I've tried a thread like this before and got no response. Or perhaps that's just me....

estatebabe Sun 11-Feb-07 09:46:55

no you're not who Im dreading Im sure about that. She doesnt know about MN! My dd is 50/50 too. I think she'd be happier at non-selective tho. - hope shes not disappointed if she does pass! (I guess you must be from Bexley then - I don't think there's many places left that do it)

katelyle Sun 11-Feb-07 11:17:47

No - I'm near Canterbury. We have 11&divid;, and auditions for specialist schools - and we have to apply for schools before we know what the result of the test is. Nightmare!

katelyle Sun 11-Feb-07 11:18:14

That was supposed to say 11 plus!

estatebabe Sun 11-Feb-07 12:10:20

just come back from church parade with the guides and Ive realised that the next time I go we will know what school we got! Eek! only 19 days to go - keep in touch!

Gobbledigook Sun 11-Feb-07 12:28:53

We have the 11+ here too estatebabe - there are still a few boroughs that do (we are in the north west so nowhere near you!).

Good luck!

katelyle Sun 11-Feb-07 13:09:50

I keep doing that too - I meet a group of friends on the first Wednesday of every month - the next time we meet we'll know what schools all our children are going to......

estatebabe Wed 14-Feb-07 22:12:38

just had a meeting with another mum about doing an end of term year 6 bbq/party. We've been looking at all the old school photos and getting very emotional about our ds and dd going to big school - where does the time go!

MegJoshMum Thu 15-Feb-07 15:44:29

We are feeling the same here. My DS didnt do the 11 plus through choice but has all his hopes on a selective music place which he auditioned for in January. Hope that eveyone gets the news they are hopnig for, only 2 weeks to go now.

estatebabe Tue 20-Feb-07 23:17:27

Oh god - i'm dreaming about 11+ results now! Only 1 week and 3 days to go.. i've already stalked the postman and asked him nicely to deliver our post before school next friday! I wouldn't mind but I am happy for my dd to go to either selective or non selective choices

swedishmum Wed 21-Feb-07 12:56:43

I keep having moments of panic - all 3 schools I put down for dd are selective in some way even though one is comprehensive. Dh thinks sh'll be fine but I just don't know. I didn't feel at all like this with dd1 2 years ago. It's a horrible system, isn't it? And for those who say just don't choose selective schools, there's no real alternative round here.

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