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Fosse Bank Kent

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nitsandnietzsche Sat 29-Oct-16 15:51:34

Does anyone have their DC at Fosse Bank in Hildenborough, Kent? I'm looking to move my two children (yrs 2 & 5) and it came up on a search. What do you think of the school?

MLKitchen Sat 29-Oct-16 18:20:58

Hi. Yes we moved from London 3 yrs ago and moved ours to fosse- yrs 6 and 4 now so other end of school to yours. Lovely school. Small classes. Teachers all lovely. Arrange a visit to get a feel for the school - my year 6 may show you round!! Happy to give you more info on the school.

Caroian Sun 30-Oct-16 09:17:41

Don't have a child there, but can tell you that after a visit it didn't make our shortlist of local prep schools. Where are you moving them from - the fact that you had to search online to find it suggests you are not local. Most people have heard of Fosse Bank if only because huge numbers of local kids have swimming lessons there!

I think that you need to go and visit to see if it is right for your children, and also look in to the background of the school (it did have some issues with low intake and there were mumblings about the potential consequent effect on finances, but you'd need to look in to the truth of those rumours and the genuine situation). I'd recommend you also visit some of the many other local independents (and find out which have available places) in order to make a decision about what is right for you and your children. There is a huge variety in the schools available.

nitsandnietzsche Sun 30-Oct-16 19:42:06

Thanks both. We're about 20mins away so haven't heard of the swimming lessons. I'll go and visit along with Hilden Grange, Somerhill and Rose Hill. I liked the smallness of Fosse Bank but I hadn't thought about the financial precariousness that would imply. Do many of their leavers go on to super selectives?

MLKitchen Mon 31-Oct-16 11:29:13

Sorry been away from the weekend so not had a chance to check messages. It is a small school (it has never claimed to be otherwise) but does not have any financial concerns because of this- the finances are based on small numbers! There was a big change at the school a few years ago with new head etc but they are not in financial difficulties and the school has actually grown a lot over the last few years. There are always rumours going around- never got this in London but seems a lot more rivalry in Kent primaries! They have just invested in a massive yurt for 2 year olds- they would not do this if they were in financial difficulties. They are also planning a new sports hall. All the schools have their issues. I know Hilden Grange and Rose Hill have both had issues as well over the years. We looked at HG and ruled it out as being too corporate and not wanting the children to go to separate teachers for all lessons at this age. Also the classes are much bigger than Fosse which is why we were wanting to leave London- and boy heavy. But that was our preference- others love it. As the other person said just look around and see what school works for you. Somerhill is a very nice school (a lot more expensive!) but again has a different ethos- split schools from year 3 for boys and girls. I would say a bit more pushy and their sports are more elite (great for very sports children- less great for less sporty children that still want to be on teams). It depends on what you are looking for in a school. You really do get a good feel if you go around since you will see if you can see your child fitting in. There is also Hilden Oaks which is a lovely school- just up the road from HG. That is a small school - more girl heavy. Less sporty but does well academically. good luck!

Panicmode1 Tue 01-Nov-16 16:07:39

I absolutely loved Somerhill when I looked round it recently for my Y4 son, Rose Hill said they had a waiting list of 8 people or so (for their current Y4) so I didn't look at it, but friends use it and love it. We didn't look at Fosse Bank because personally for me, it's too small (and I know for a very strong fact that there were financial issues about three years ago but these do seem to be under control now). My two older children are at superselectives (having come from state primaries here) and they have both said that the children who have struggled the most to adapt have come from tiny schools - so you do need to consider that a bit if that's a route you are hoping to go down. Friends also use Hilden Grange and rave about it, but I thought it was a bit 'corporate'....we've actually left him where he is for now (state primary) because the issues we were having have been resolved. Another school I adored was Beechwood because I thought the pastoral care was amazing and the teachers wonderful, but, that year group is tiny and only had 2 boys, but if I had had a daughter I would have moved here there....though if you are looking at Fosse, I guess you are the 'wrong' side of TW for Beechwood!

nitsandnietzsche Sun 20-Nov-16 07:43:14

Just to update-we're going for Hilden Grange. I was so impressed by the school. I never looked at Fosse in the end-I met two ex parents who really put me off.

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