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Can someone explain this Chilli Challenge thing to me?

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PeoniesandTulips Sat 29-Oct-16 11:43:30

DD is all worked up about it.

It's supposed to be like Nandos (not particularly rejoicing about the promotion of that, but whatever) and there is mild, hot and spicy (spicy being the hardest?).

I just don't see the point- if they need guidance to choose the 'right' level, surely that's just as demotivating as ability groups, and if they are allowed to choose freely, what if they pick one that they can't do?

DD was upset yesterday because she wasn't allowed the spicy work and she had to do the mild.

ButtonLoon Sat 29-Oct-16 22:21:10

I think (not a teacher, just had it explained to me) the way it's supposed to work is the child chooses the challenge and if it's too hard they can switch to the easier one or vice versa.

You might need to ask the teacher how it works in your school, though.

There are so many different areas to math you could be strong at multiplication but weak on 3D figures.

Also in our school it has nothing to do with Nandos!

mrz Sun 30-Oct-16 04:31:35

"Chilli challenge" is a way of working without the need for set ability grouping ( nothing to do with Nandos just a name someone came up with to describe the different levels of difficulty )

The idea is the child decides which level of challenge they are going to work at (obviously the teacher doesn't want them to pick too easy or to pick something too difficult and become disheartened)

I use a similar method in maths (no chillies) red, blue, black and green questions (based on availability of white board pens) but might tell specific children I want them to start on blue for example and the order of colours changes daily so children don't get the idea that red us easier than green or blue is harder than black

Hope that makes sense

irvineoneohone Sun 30-Oct-16 07:55:19

I think my ds' school uses similar.
It goes mild/spicy/hot/extra hot, or something like that.
Different tables starts from different level, but if you are finished with assigned level, you are allowed to challenge higher level.

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