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Skype tutor (synthetic phonics-trained)?

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user1477391263 Tue 25-Oct-16 11:37:20

Name changed just to avoid outing myself. Hope it's OK to post this here?

I'm living in East Asia and my daughter speaks English and the local language fluently. Next year, she'll start going to local state school here (she'll be 6 then).

I've taught her to read and write to a basic level using synthetic phonics (Read Write Inc.). I like this approach very much and intend to support her literacy myself as she goes through the local school system, but I'd feel more confident if I could have her also work with a professional tutor at least once a week--perhaps twice.

As choice here is limited, I'd really like to look into Skype tutoring with a British tutor--ideally, someone who is trained in synthetic phonics and could take her through spelling work, punctuation, putting sentences together and so on, through the years. We'd be looking at a 4pm start, probably, so could be a nice ongoing project for a UK-based tutor who wants to "fill up" those morning slots when local tutoring work is slow.

Does anyone here have any suggestions as to how to go about finding such a tutor? Are there places I could place a classified ad that would get a response? Or any personal recommendations?

Thanks very much in advance!

ReallyTired Wed 26-Oct-16 01:07:56

I suggest you go on the reading reform foundation website. They have a bullitin board and someone there might help you.

user1477391263 Wed 26-Oct-16 02:50:09

Oh, good call! I will try them.

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