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If your child wears a polo shirt and sweatshirt to school...

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FannyWincham Sun 23-Oct-16 12:23:48

...out of pure curiosity, how many of each do you have?

DD does five afternoons in the school nursery class. We bought three polos and two sweatshirts but I'm noticing that I'm having to wash one or both items most days as they get dirty. I don't mind but wonder if I wildly underestimated how many items she would need, or if I just have an unusually messy child...

MrsMarigold Sun 23-Oct-16 12:27:08

I have five of each and after the first term they look trashed.

IfartInYourGeneralDirection Sun 23-Oct-16 12:28:53

Six polos (one kept for photos ect) clean one for each day

2 jumpers usually one or two wears before washing

FlapsTie Sun 23-Oct-16 12:29:42

Six polos and two sweaters.

Slightlyperturbedowlagain Sun 23-Oct-16 12:30:07

For the first couple of years they needed both clean everyday. By year 3 (and by not including yoghurt in packed lunch grin ) we could manage with 2 sweatshirts a week but a clean polo shirt every day, as they rush around at playtime and get sweaty.

MrsMulder Sun 23-Oct-16 12:31:37

Four polos and three jumpers here. Needs a clean one everyday, she comes home filthy after 3 hours!

louisejxxx Sun 23-Oct-16 12:32:47

I have about 6 or 7 polos and 4 jumpers - we don't normally get through all that in a week though.

FranklyMeDeer Sun 23-Oct-16 12:33:48

Cardigans are way better than sweaters imo, they don't get bean juice down the front so don't require such frequent washing.

Cakescakescakes Sun 23-Oct-16 12:33:57

6 polos and 3 jumpers

ScarletOverkill Sun 23-Oct-16 12:34:01

5 polos
1 cardigan
I'll wash the cardigan midweek if needs be

CheeseFlavouredDiscs Sun 23-Oct-16 12:34:43

10 polos. Some are from last term though, so I bought 5 more this term. I expect to buy 2-3 more to replace the grottiest ones next term.

5 sweatshirts. These get really dirty in the winter months, so I also bought 2 fleece zip up jackets with school logo on that you can wear instead of (or with) the sweatshirt.

Also, I should probably add that although I mean to do the laundry every weekend, I often forget, so I have enough clothes to get through approx 8-10 school days without doing the laundry!

FannyWincham Sun 23-Oct-16 12:37:09

Oh, this is interesting! I DID woefully underestimate.

Frankly sadly cardigans aren't an option until Reception next year.

FranklyMeDeer Sun 23-Oct-16 12:37:35

Also Dd prefers pinafore dresses but I prefer skirts, for the same yogurt / gravy splattered reasons.

Clean shirt every day, everything else lasts two or three days.

Coffeethrowtrampbitch Sun 23-Oct-16 12:37:49

Mine have 2 each, I have 3 aged 9, 7 and 5 and money was very tight when I has to buy uniform.
9 year old has trashed one polo shirt already with paint which won't come out, the others are ok.
The sweatshirts they often have for a week without washing as the school is so hot they hang them on their peg or over chairs and only wear them for ten minutes a day.

It seems for me ds1 has always been messiest, followed by ds2 (5) and dd (7) so although they do get better with age I think if a child is messy they stay that way. I'm really hoping he will smarten up as a teenager :-)

lljkk Sun 23-Oct-16 12:38:52

3 of each minimum, sometimes sponge off rather than full wash.

FranklyMeDeer Sun 23-Oct-16 12:40:30

How annoying Fanny, also I think it's a shame that boys have to wear sweaters at dd's school, for this very reason. I think if Dd had to wear sweaters I'd need on efor every day or to be a lot more organised with my washing. Shirts would last more than one day though, she would probably miss her collar with food drippage and she's not old enough yet for sweaty pits.

thatwouldbeanecumenicalmatter Sun 23-Oct-16 12:43:37

Yeah I tried that when DS was half days at nursery and the washing was constant - there was a fair few mornings of drying off his sweatshirt with my hairstraightners! Now it's 5 polos and 3 to 4 sweatshirts depending on if/when they get lost.

FannyWincham Sun 23-Oct-16 12:44:09

Frankly and further to your other post, pinafores are the only option once she's in reception and all the way through infants!

NotCitrus Sun 23-Oct-16 12:44:10

Child 1, generally washed both once a week on general principle. Now twice a week and sometimes sweatshirt gets mucky.

Child 2 - sweatshirts daily! And often polo as well.

Had 3 of each, but now dd has 5 it's much easier. Three different suppliers - oldest still look nearly new, Tesco looked like rags in a couple months, new ones are in between.

FranklyMeDeer Sun 23-Oct-16 12:49:11

Oh my goodness Fanny that would drive me crackers. Flaming school uniform, does your flaming head in.

My big child is at a secondary which requires a light grey blazer. She only has one because they're £££. She's not allowed to take it off unless the head decides it's warm enough and issues permission to the whole school hmm so it's usually pretty grubby. I console myself with the fact that most of her peers look equally more grubby as the week goes on.

TequilaBlockingBird Sun 23-Oct-16 12:50:48

5 polos, 5 sweatshirts, and 5 pairs of trousers.
Can't do any less. He is is filthy every day!

RaingodswithZippos Sun 23-Oct-16 12:52:59

We had 5 polos, 1 logo jumper and a logo fleece. I didn't buy logo polos because they got ruined regularly with pen, paint, rough and tumble etc so just got plain and bought new when needed.

Mol1628 Sun 23-Oct-16 12:54:18

6 polos
3 jumpers
4 trousers

Just because I'm lazy and like to know it's all hanging in the wardrobe for the week and not have to do any washing.

PickAChew Sun 23-Oct-16 12:57:01

5 of each.

onemouseplace Sun 23-Oct-16 14:26:56

DD (Yr 2) - 3 cardigans/4 polo shirts. She's actually pretty clean, but 3 cardigans means at least 2 can be lost at school and making their way back to her while she has a third to wear.

DS (Yr 1) - awful last year in Reception - would have a combination of lunch and black whiteboard marker on jumper/ polo shirt each day. They don't seem to use the markers in Yr 1 and his lunch skills have also improved, so we're doing fine with 3 jumpers/4 polos.

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