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for children who find it hard to concentrate/work independantly

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DeliveredByKiki Sat 22-Oct-16 05:07:29

DS is 8 and in grade 2 as we live in the US, so in his 3rd year of school. Academically he's doing well, not particularly gifted, pretty average in most areas with a natural aptitude and love for maths.

However, every year we've been told by the teachers that he prats around, doesn't concentrate or get his independant work done. We know he is easily led, I think he cares a lot what his peers think about him so likes to play the fool to make people laugh, also likes to lead and I think is just easily distracted. Which I think is fairly normal?

DH seems to think he needs more discipline (ie no computer games at the weekend if he doesn't get his independant work done at school), I think it's more likely that's he's bored - frankly the worksheets they have them doing ARE boring - maybe if he was a bit more challenged or the work was presented in a more interesting fashion he'd be more motivated to get things done? Both of these might mean a change in teacher and/or school but I'd like to look at ways we can help at home before taking that drastic a measure. We've talked a LOT with him about it, tried to come up ways to help, looking at doing something outside of school to teach him self discipline and motivation (Martial arts maybe?) but would love to hear from other parents with similar experiences

FWIW he's not dyslexic and is NT, when he brings this work home to be completed he gets it done very quickly, It's in the classroom that he's too distracted to get it completely in what is a reasonable amount of time given

naturalbaby Sat 22-Oct-16 05:12:28

My sons are in a European school and also find it hard to concentrate. I know they are capable of a lot but they are doing less than they did in reception class in the U.K. I've had them both tested to show the school how bright they are (I had no idea) and where their strengths/weaknesses are. A change of teacher has massively helped as well!

Icebearsaysno Sat 22-Oct-16 05:19:08

We are having our DS do Kuk Sool Won which includes meditation, stretching and encompasses all the martial arts. It is working really well!

DeliveredByKiki Sat 22-Oct-16 06:14:11

I've had a thought about mindfulness too icebear the local charter school, which also doesn't have to stick to national curriculum, does this every day with all the classes.

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