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Primary schools Brentwood

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hainsey19 Tue 18-Oct-16 07:43:11

Hi all
We currently live in Brentwood and are looking for primary schools in our catchment area (warley hill/ Brentwood station). We seem to be very limited with normal state schools with a good rating. We understand Hollytrees is meant to be good and we have seen mixed reviews of warley primary school. There seems to be a high number of religious or private schools in comparison to other areas. Have others come across this? What was your experiences? Thanks

Alex83 Wed 19-Oct-16 10:05:29

We're also Warley and applying to schools this year. You're right, there are so many church schools in Brentwood! Have you seen this brochure from the Council Admissions department? It gives all the schools with their admissions criteria and information on who got a place last year.

As I understand it:
- St Peter's and St Thomas' are very good church schools and massively over subscribed so unless you attend the right church you're very unlikely to get a place.

- Shenfield St Mary's and Ingrave Johnson are also very good and Church schools but you have a chance of getting a place even if you're not religious.

- St Helens is an ofsted outstanding RC school but rarely oversubscribed so you have a good chance of getting a place even if you're not RC.

- Holly Trees is supposed to be very good, is it your catchment school? If it is you have a good chance of getting it, though not everyone in catchment got a place for the last few years so the nearer you live to the school the better. If you're not in catchment you're unlikely to get a place.

- Warley Primary- I've heard mixed things but I think it's really improving so definitely worth considering.

- Hogarth Primary and Larchwood Primary- Have quite a bad reputation but I don't really know much about them.

Might also be worth considering Doddinghurt Infants, it's ofsted outstanding and rarely oversubscribed as it's a bit more out of town (though a pain to get to from Warley), although I think it might have been oversubscribed last year for the first time (not 100% about that though).

Hope that's helpful!

hainsey19 Wed 19-Oct-16 10:18:17

Hi Alex83

That's massively helpful thanks. Really appreciated. Good luck in the search.

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