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book recommendation y4 DD

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Yvonne99 Wed 12-Oct-16 21:33:29

Can I please ask you for some book recommendation for my y4 DD?
She loved Ottoline by Chris Riddell but Goth Girl too spooky. She does not like any books that cause fear - for that reason she cannot stand Harry Potter or Roald Dahl's books. Fairy books too boring. Wishing chair mostly fine. The World's Worst children - weird ( but read).
I am looking for some positive books...

bastedyoungturkey Wed 12-Oct-16 22:11:26

Mr Gum?

SunnySomer Wed 12-Oct-16 22:14:48

Fizzlebert Stump books by AF Harrold are funny.
The Roman Mysteries by Caroline Lawrence - like a roman Famous Five.

GU24Mum Wed 12-Oct-16 22:19:54

Has she read any of the Malorie Blackman books or the My Story series or the Lauren St John books? If you want something a bit more "vintage" (ie I read them as a child!), how about Ballet Shoes, the Nancy Drew books or the various "school" books - Malory Tower etc.

redskytonight Thu 13-Oct-16 12:59:38

Not the Roman mysteries if she doesn't like things that induce fear - some of them are truly terrifying! (in fact IMO not suitable for a Y4 child unless you only read the first couple as they have some quite grown up themes)

Trying to think what DD liked at that age (some of these might have been a bit older) ...
- Diary of a Wimpy kid
- Worst Witch (Jill Murphy)
- most Roald Dahl
- The Phantom Tollbooth
- classics like Charlotte's web, the Secret Garden, Five Children and It, - How to train your dragon
- Tom Gates books

noramum Thu 13-Oct-16 13:26:48

DD reads these ones - in German but you can get them in English:

From the same author: Saving Missisippi is a good one

Pamela Butchart has a funny range:

Hersetta427 Thu 13-Oct-16 13:40:33

When DD was in yr 4 last yr she read:-

Whole harry potter series
Various Dork Diaries
Tom Gates
David Walliams

mrsmortis Thu 13-Oct-16 13:44:31

Swallows and Amazons.
Anything by Frances Hodgeson Burnett

Or try some nonfiction - my DD loves horrible science.

Yawnyawnallday Thu 13-Oct-16 13:48:03

"Fortunately, the Milk." Neil Gaiman.
Good laugh

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