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Good private prep schools in Milton Keynes West side

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laklal Tue 11-Oct-16 17:02:36

Hi all,
I would like to know more information/ review on the private schools in Milton Keynes West area.which one is better one, MKPrep or The Grove.
Has any one heard any bad remarks about those schools. please help.

1618ZTZT Wed 25-Jan-17 13:15:15

Bump I am interested in this too would be nice to hear from someone about these schools

Natalieevans79 Wed 25-Jan-17 18:06:19

I speak only as I found them from open days and school tours, so no direct experience, but my gut would be that MK Prep is more academic and pushier, Grove imo takes a more holistic view on education. Really depends on what you're after. I preferred Thornton, broughton Manor (same chain as MK Prep but seemed more nurturing) and Swanbourne over the first two.

1618ZTZT Thu 26-Jan-17 20:12:38

When you mean holistic ? What do you mean? How are the school facilities for art and sports??

bojorojo Thu 26-Jan-17 22:06:12

You need to look at teaching quality rather than just facilities. Do you know where you want your children to go after prep? The main ethos of some preps is common entrance not the 11 plus. It could be both so I would look at destinations. What do you want? Swanbourne is the best. You could look at Winchester House in Brackley - also excellent.

Natalieevans79 Fri 27-Jan-17 08:02:50

E.g, Grove offers languages from reception whereas at MK Prep this isn't offered until year 4 I believe. I really liked the fact Grove also has lots of dance and drama offered after school. Whereas MK Prep doesn't have this (they do offer ballet) but seemed to have a tighter academic focus in early years on three R's. Grounds are not good in either school (if you mean open space) but MK Prep seems to do very well in some sports and I think that this is a focus and sport provision is good. Swanbourne is fab but vastly more expensive from age of 8. It also has tiny classes so depends on your views as to whether that's a plus or a negative. It also feeds on to boarding schools predominantly so 11 plus is not a focus like previous poster said. If I had two girls I personally would go for Thornton College for pre-prep. Good results, lovely grounds, loads of extra curricular, family atmosphere. I speak only as I find as I'm in the same boat and do not have children at any of these schools. ( I definitely recommend Walton Pre-Prep as mine are there , but that stops at age 5).

bojorojo Fri 27-Jan-17 17:03:07

Anywhere that prepares for Common Entrance is likely to be more expensive than a standard 11 plus "prep" school that has virtually no children from age 11 to 13.

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