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Book ideas for a Year 1 boy :)

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MariamaMay Fri 07-Oct-16 22:28:48

I would love some ideas of "good" books both for my son to read and for me to read to him. I don't want scheme book ideas as he gets these from school (Oh the joys of Biff, Chip and Kipper!!!). But I am at a bit of a loss as to what to get him to read / read to him. I seem to have somehow "failed" as I haven't read a broad range of things to him. Suggestions - even if they seem obvious - would be so helpful. But particularly, what you might consider a "good" book (if that makes sense).

TeacherBob Fri 07-Oct-16 23:01:39

any of the Julia Donaldson books are great

Don't read this book - great fun
The book with no pictures - fun

there are a few 'this is the REAL story of goldilocks/three pig' type stories

take a trip to the library would be my advice and let him choose his own

sglodion Fri 07-Oct-16 23:11:30

We got some "first readers" fairytales from Argos. My year 1 DD is able to pretty much read these by herself, they have questions in the back about the book too which is good as you can judge their understanding then.
We've just started with me reading her longer books. George's marvellous medicine atm, just a chapter a night but she seems enthralled.

Linpinfinwin Fri 07-Oct-16 23:27:29

Daisy books (Kes Gray) and Claude the dog (Alex...)

Claude is a french dog who gets up to escapades with his sidekick, Sir Bobblysock, a sock, while his owners think he is sleeping. We get proper belly laughs from Sir Bobblysock's name alone. Daisy is just all round fab and a huge hit, especially with my boy.

firawla Sat 08-Oct-16 00:54:11

The dragon masters series is great. It's an easier level set of chapter books but the stories are still quite gripping (definitely more exciting than magic tree house which is a similar level ) - my year 1 boy loves these!

irvineoneohone Sat 08-Oct-16 07:56:05

Good book is what your ds likes.
If you say you failed because you didn't read to him enough books, I failed big time. First, I am a foreigner. I don't read him bed time stories.
Still, my ds became a big book lover, since I took him to library very often, there's loads of books at home(I buy from book people if I see good deal, buy good books from charity shops as well.), and I read all the time.
Just take him to library, book shop etc and let him choose.

BikeRunSki Sat 08-Oct-16 08:00:36

At this age, I started reading DS chapter books.

He loved the Flat Stanley books and the Worst Witch series. He also enjoyed longer picture story books like the Katie Morag books.

GinIceAndASlice Sat 08-Oct-16 10:11:42

I have started reading my dd chapter books as well, just a chapter or 2 at a time. So far The Twits was her favourite.

I think that this approach means that she has 3 books from school a week which are at her own reading level but then she gets to see the real pleasure of reading for fun and so far its been really motivational.

0ellenbrody0 Sat 08-Oct-16 15:28:00

I'm a year 1 teacher, I love reading Roald Dahl books to my class. I've also read The Lion, The Witch and thevWardrobe which they really enjoyed.

Be guided by his interests. My own DD's liked Horrid Henry and the Humphry hamster books.

catkind Sat 08-Oct-16 21:59:40

What does he like?
What sort of reading ability?

There's so much! DS is year 3 and DD reception, so I'm including some that DS didn't discover till later than year 1 but DD also loves.

Lots of picture books still - Dr Seuss, Julia Donaldson, Hairy Maclary et al (fantastic vocabulary in some of these), Winnie the Witch, Thomas the Tank Engine.

Pirates were in. Jeremy Strong Pirate School and various Frank Rodgers including Pirate Penguins. Captain Abdul's Little Treasure (loooong picture book, very funny). The Indoor Pirates by Jeremy Strong is good too.

Anything Jeremy Strong is popular here really. We like a bit of humour. My Dad Has an Alligator and Hundred Mile an Hour Dog are longer/less pictures but also very much loved.

Dinosaur Cove were DS' first chapter books to read to himself in year 1. I found them a bit formulaic.

The Owl who was afraid of the dark (chapter book incarnation) & series was a big obsession, very sweet.

A recent discovery which both DC are loving is Mr Gum. Completely bonkers but has them both in stitches.

Long time favourites for parent-read bedtime stories were (are!) Just So Stories and Winnie the Pooh.

mrz Sun 09-Oct-16 07:35:50

I'd start from what he's interested in. Obviously if you're reading to him there are a huge number of books available. If you're also looking for books he can read himself you need to take into account his reading ability good expecting him to plough through chapter books if he hasn't the stamina or reading skills.

In my Y1 class books that are popular with boys

Astrosaurs - dinosaurs in space
Horrid Henry (Also do early reader versions)
Bob the man in the moon
Oliver Moon
Zak Zoo

Oliver and the Seawigs was a popular class read last year as were
Pugs of the Frozen North
The giraffe the Pelli and me
The Jolly Rogers series

But at this age picture books are still popular and appropriate (don't be fooled into thinking of them as only for younger children)

catkind Sun 09-Oct-16 11:50:16

Ooh fab list mrz, taking notes! Love the book recommendation threads here.

SuiGeneris Sun 09-Oct-16 14:51:57

Geronimo Stilton is great fun and has a very enticing graphic set up which encourages shared reading.

Undersmile Sun 09-Oct-16 14:58:41

We like Geronimo Stilton too!
Ds likes astrosaurs, the Phillip reeve books, Claude, all mentioned.
Also How To Train your Dragon (for you to read to him) and the Jolly Rogers by johnny Duddle, and Dixie O'Day by Shirley Hughes.

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