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Colet Court bursary option

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schooling123 Thu 06-Oct-16 18:23:09

Hi. Can I ask if ticking bursary place might affect the situation that the school might in the end prefer a full paying child rather than a bursary child? We do not aim for 100 per cent bursary...we have average income and a mortgaged hoping just for some percentage of bursary...but if it means the place might be compromised as a result, then need to consider not applyong for a bursary...? Please share your thoughts

AnotherNewt Thu 06-Oct-16 18:33:23

St Paul's is one of the schools that is committed to 'needs blind' admissions, though it cannot yet afford to implement it fully. I assume this applies to the junior department as much as in the seniors.

So they will be going about it by choosing which boys they want as pupils, and only then seeing how many of those have also applied for bursaries, what the cost of the awards would be and if they have enough money to cover it.

Have you yet talked to the bursar about your circumstances?

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