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Nottingham/west bridgford primary schools.

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beanhunter Wed 05-Oct-16 21:22:33

So my daughter has just started reception at a great school. Hypothetically we may need to move at the end of the school year and Nottingham looks likely. I know people around West bridgford and know the schools there are supposed to be very good.
What other areas should we be considering? Is there any change of getting into a good state school in year 1? Would we need to rent a house before moving to stand any chance of a space?

sportinguista Fri 07-Oct-16 14:25:35

Round Wollaton is supposed to be good and some of the Nottingham primaries are expanding too. Many schools are oversubscribed especially the better ones. We are in Nottingham and looking to move too. We've waited till year 3 as we knew it would likely be a nightmare due to the class size thing. I'd look at some other areas if you can as Bridgford is very expensive. You would almost certainly need a Nottingham address before applying.

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